Sunday, 29 January 2012

Uglyworld #1426 - Chief Navimigator (Project TW - Image 27-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 27/366

It would super duper easiers for you to thinks that when Baz and I goes off on weekender trippers that I justs get to relaxer, kicks back in the car and sleepies.

In realities, it's nothings like that, as I has a mega importanters job to does. I has the officiallers job title of Chief Navimigator, I even gets Baz to signers a contract explainerings that there is no iffers, butters involvereds in this, it's mine!

I learns to be so megas bossy from Bossy Bear, he's gots that area well covereds lets me tellers you!

Anyways, I settereds the navimigator up to takes us from the Bays area Southers of San Franciscos all the way downs to a city callereds Bakersfields. I wondereds if we will find lots of bakers outers in the fields when we arrivereds, but I guesses unfortunatelies not.

Afters Bakerfields it's onwards to Death Valleys, I is a littler bit scareds of the namer of the place, but I can't shows any fear to Baz or he will laughers at me, so I keeps tellering myself "Ugly up!".

"Turns left and continues on the highway for 42 milers!"

I thinks Baz should recorders some custom voicers of me and Baz for his Navimigation system, it would be so much funs!

p.s. Baz has some biggers plans ahead to shooters the Milky Ways over the toppers of Death Valleys, I hopes it workers out!

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