Sunday, 29 January 2012

Uglyworld #1427 - Earliers Morning Hikerings (Project TW - Image 28-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 28/366

After spending the wholes night starings upwards at the bazillions of stars up in the night skies above Death Valleys, me and Baz makereds our way up to Dantes Peaks to watches the amazering sunriser.

Once the sun was ups the whole place beginnereds to heat ups super fasts, so we drivereds on down to Zabriskies Points for our firsts big hiker of the day.

The formationers that the rains and winds had lefts on the hillsiders here is amazerings, and if there wasn't so many other coolers things to see I would probablies have convincereds Baz to justs stayers here the wholes day explorerings everything!

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