Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Uglyworld #1461 - Leapering Lunatics (Project TW - Image 60-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 60/366

I noticereds on the Flickr blogs that everyone has been acterings like leaperings lunatics today, so I makereds Baz a bet that I could jumpers my own heights.

If I didders it then he would scores me some new cookies, and if I didn'ts manager it then I would buys him some new beers.

What does you thinks, did I makers it?

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Uglyworld #1460 - Anticimipations (Project TW - Image 59-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 59/366

Scofferings cookies on sights may seems like the mosts sensimables thing to does everytimes you possiblies can, but there is a littlers bit of logics behind changings such a routiner.

Takes my actioners tonight, I openereds up the cupboarder in my hotels room that I has designatereds as being my cookie stores, and discovereds that I is downs to my finals packeter of cookies hidering aways in the shadows at the backs of the cupboard.

I could justs have pouncereds on the packeter rights away, but insteads I standers there, just starings at the outsiders of the packeter, my imaginationer runnings wild as to how many cookies would be insides of the packeter and more importantlies, justs how tastiers they woulds be when I tuckeds right in!

Nexts time you finds yourself facers to facers with your finals packeter of cookies, takes a seconder to thinks about what awaits you, but don't waits too long or someone else might jumpers in and stealers them from right unders your noses!

Ok, enoughs anticimipations, times to scoffers my cookies...

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Uglyworld #1459 - Oregons Sunsetter (Project TW - Image 58-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 58/366

Afters all of the travellerings I did with Baz durings January I thinks that I was just getterings far to useds to witnesserings the wickeders sunriserings and awesome sunsetters, so much so's that I just beginnereds to takes them all for granteds.

It's taken me being stuckereds in my hotels room for the lasts 3 weekenders to realises that our trippers in January was super specialers and nots a normaller everydays occurrencer!

So this evening when I noticereds the wickeders colour breakings through the clouds at sunsetters time I went outsides to enjoyers it fullies!

Of course as it's mega colders here at the moments this meant having to puts on my heavy knittereds pulloverer, it keeps me so toasty warms inside!

If you finds yourself walkerings by my hotels room and hears munchering noises coming from a darkers area, don't worries, it'll justs be me admirerings the rest of the sunsetter while enjoyerings a few cookies!

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Uglyworld #1458 - Outbreakers (Project TW - Image 57-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 57/366

I had not longs dozereds off in beddies when I was awakenereds by strange noises coming from the other siders of the bed, and befores I could even thinkers what do does I already findereds myselfer slidings sneakilies out from unders the covers and across the rooms to a safers distances from the area arounds the bed.

I couldn't quite believers my eyes, I even hads to pincher myself to makes sure I wasn't dreamerings, what I has on my hands is an outbreaker!!!

Somehow Toxic Bossy Bear has managereds to escapers from his toxics chemicals containment caser, and now he's on the loosers in my hotels room.

Is it too muchers to asks for me to gets just one weeker of peace and quiets???

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Uglyworld #1457 - Toxics Situationer

Baz has been tryerings to adopter another of my cousiners for a littlers while now, and thanks to our gooders friendly Benny over at Tenacious Toys look who arrivereds at the hotels room doors today.

I thinks it's bests that we keepers him in his toxics chemicals containment caser untils we getters him homes to Germanys, as I don't want to has to dealers with a hazmatters situationer!

Uglyworld #1456 - Needs For Speeds (Project TW - Image 56-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 56/366

I knows that you already has learneds a lot of stuffs about life for us uglies backs on Uglyworld, but after cookies in the peckings order is our loves for speeds.

Thankfullies we were all mega happies to learns that humaners are also addicteds to loads of sporties that involves high speeds.

When it comes to race days, you can normally finders us sittings on the couch, the remoters controller by our sides and the volumes crankereds all the way ups to eleven.

Of course don't forgets the never endings stream off cookies which is not optionaller at alls for the durations of the race.

So, backs to today, nationwiders NASCARS time, woohooo, gentlemens, starts your enginers!!!

I definitely has a needs for speeds!

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Uglyworld #1455 - Famous Friendlies (Project TW - Image 55-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 55/366

My alters ego visitereds a bookeries shop in Portland todays to picks up what he referreds to as "somethings specialers".

When he returneds to the hotels room I was amazereds to see what the somethings specialers was, a super mega coolers book of Babo's adventurers last years while he was travellerings with Baz!

When I pointeds out that I not only knows Babo, but that I also lives with him my alters ego seemereds to be completelies and utterlies amazereds at this news.

"Whats, is you being seriousers?" he askereds me.

After I acknowledgereds that I was being seriousers he just standereds there in absolute silencers, starings at me and then starteds repeaterings "no ways" overs and overs.

I thinks he will poops a bricker when he gets to meet my famous friendlies back in Germanies!

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Uglyworld #1454 - Backs To Normals (Project TW - Image 54-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 54/366

Now that the issues with the cookie muncherings monster has been solvereds, I can finallies returners myself to normals around the hotels room.

On an even more positivers note, I discovereds that the ear holes in my helmeter are the perfects size for my headphonies to fits into, so I can not only keeps wearing my helmeter, but also listens to cool tunes at the sames timer!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Uglyworld #1453 - Towels Trapperings (Project TW - Image 53-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 53/366

My doppelmagangers who arrivered at the hotels yesterday explainereds the whole stories abouts why he was the one knockerings at my hotels room door instead of the Girlie Scouters.

It turns out he was hikerings all arounder Oregons when he crossereds paths with the Girlie Scouters who tellereds him all abouts my ordealer over a cookie snacker.

It turns out that he has facereds such a cookie eaterings machiner before and knew a coolers trick to captures such a thingie, so the Girlie Scouters handeds him a biggers pile of cookies in exchange for him takings over their scariers missioner!

Needless to say when he explainereds that he only neededs me, Babof and a towels to makes the perfecters trappering devices I thinkereds he was a mentaller, but lets facer it, at this stager I was willings to try anythings!

We lay in waits for out chancer and then we pouncered, pullings the towels over his head and pullings it tighters, woohoo it workereds.

I am a littlers bit puzzlereds how we gets ridder of him though, I don't thinks this is completelies over with yets, but for now we can celemabrate...!!!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Uglyworld #1452 - A Knock At The Door (Project TW - Image 52-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 52/366

Afters talkering with my gooders friendly Presidents Obamamama yesterdays, I had been waiterings all day longers for the Girly Scouters to arriver that he was senderings to helpers me out with my currents predicamenter.

I was almost readies to gives up all hopers and callers the Whitershouse to finds out what was goings on when there was a knocker at the hotels room door.

I lookeds out through the peeper window in the door but couldn't sees anyones outsider, so I shoutereds through the door "Hellos, who is its?".

Almost immediatelies the response "Cookies delivery" came backers, so I poppereds the door opens justs enough to sees who was outsiders.

Emmm, ok, it appears to be me outsides, buts I is insides, I'm a littlers bit confusereds here!

I do have a biggers pack of cookies with me, so I thinks I had better lets myself ins, don't you agrees?

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Uglyworld #1451 - Presidentials Assistancers (Project TW - Image 51-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 51/366

*ring ring*

Reception: "Hello, this is the Whitehouse, how can I direct your call"

Wage: "I needs to speakies to the commanders in chieftan immediatelies"

Reception: "Clearance code please?"

Wage: "Cookie lovers"

Reception: "Thank you Agent Wage, hold the line please"

Presidents Aid: "Challenge code - Dark Matter"

Wage: "Responser - Wonky Armadillos"

Presidents Aid: "Please hold for the president"

President: "This is the president, please go ahead"

Wage: "Good mornings sir, I am sorrys to contactors you todays on your days off for Presidents Day, buts I has a matters that I needs assistances with immediatelies"

President: "I'm all ears Wage, please continue"

Wage: "I needers the nationals guarders, mariners, flying ducks, you namers it, I needers you to senders them!"

President: "What could possibly be putting our country in such grave danger?"

Wage: "My cookies!!! Some evils scientister has createreds a monsters of monsterouser proportioners!!! They has createreds a cookie eaterings machine!!!"

President: "Oh my, this does sounds like trouble, first step eating the cookies, next thing you know it they're eating the entire country from beneath our feet!"

Wage: "Exactlies!!!"

President: "Well, unfortunately the national guard, marines and 'flying ducks' as you so adptly called them are all busy defending peace in other parts of the world, but I do have our secret weapon available to deploy!"

Wage: "Batmans?"

President: "No, not Batman, he's on his annual vacation just now."

Wage: "Thens who?"

President: "Our fabled Girl Scouts, they're masters of dealing with cookie incidents, I'll send them straight away to your location"

Wage: "Emmm, okays, if you is sures that they can handlers this!"

President: "Of course they can, I need to end this call now son, my breakfast is waiting on me, good luck...!!!"

Wage: "Thanks you sir, enjoyers your brekkiesfast, Wage overs and out!"


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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Uglyworld #1450 - The Pains Zone (Project TW - Image 50-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 50/366

Afters our mega successfullers team talkers yesterday we were all rarings to get ons with the task of capturings the cookie eaterings machine who invadeds our hotels room earliers in the weekie.

Even with the bestesters team on your siders, you still needs to has the pefecters plan, and ours involvereds using a brands new, unopeneds packeter of doubles stuffers oreos as our baits to lure the biggers guy into what we had nicknamereds our "pains zone".

Unfortunatelies I thinks namerings it the pains zone wasn't the smarterests idea, as we all endereds up being the ones lyings in the zone rollerings around in pains.

We really underestimatated the strengths of the biggers guy, he was ables to takes care of us alls without even havings to workers up a sweater!!!

Worsts of alls is that he is now scofferings all of those tastiers Oreo's that we had plannereds to eats ourselves as a celemabrations snackie!!!

I thinks we has all findereds new parts of our body that we didn't knows existereds before, now we knows that they exists becausers of the pains!

I think I need to comes up with another planner...

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Uglyworld #1449 - Team Talkers (Project TW - Image 49-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 49/366

With the size of the biggers problem we is facerings over here, it's mega obviousers that I can't takers it on by myselfer, so this afternooner I gathereds together a groupers of the finerests uglies available.

Once everyone was standerings before me, I beginnereds by explainerings what I had findereds and why our cookies were dissamappearings as quick as we could blinkers!

Nexts up it was timers for a team talkers!!!

"Ok guys, we has to workers togethers here to defeats the cookie eaterings machine that has invadereds our hotels room, we needs to thinkers as one, movers as one and most importantlies, defeaters the threats in fronts of us as ones!"

I can't shares our plan with you alls on here, as I doesn't knows if there coulds be a breach in securities on this internets thing, but lets just say I don't sees how it could fails!

Wishers us luckies!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Uglyworld #1448 - Holy Bumfizzlers (Project TW - Image 48-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 48/366

After discoverings that anothers of my boxes of cookies had gone misserings from the kitchener I decidereds to follows the trails of cookie crumblers to finds out who had tookered thems!

Holy bumfizzlers!!!

I couldn't believers my eyes, whatever the hells this thingymabobber is, one thing is for sures, it's a cookie eaterings machine!!!

Incase you is wonderings what bumfizzlers is, believers me, when you is in a situationer when your bum starts fizzlerings you will fully undermastanders!!!

What in the worlds am I supposeds to does now...???

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Uglyworld #1447 - Footieprinters (Project TW - Image 47-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 47/366

After builderings up the courages to ventures into the kitchener, I findereds a series of footieprinters on the floor leaderings up to what used to be a packeter of tasty cookies, and then aways again.

I quickly takereds some measurements and made some sketchers to shows you all outs there in internets land.

Does you has any ideas what the hells it could have beens?

It's feeties is at least 4 times the sizers of mine, and that IS scaries!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Uglyworld #1446 - Oh Noes (Project TW - Image 46-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 46/366

All the weirders noises comings from the kitchener stoppereds around lunchies time, so I slowly makereds my way out of the bathrooms with my helmeter closes by just incases of an ambusher!

When I reachereds the corners of the room, I peakereds around into the kitchener and I couldn't believers my eyes what laids there befores me!!!

Oh noes!!!

My poor packeter of cookies, it had been torns wide opener and alls of those tastiers cookies were gones, hardly evens a crumbly was lefts, what could possibly does somethings like this!!!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Uglyworld #1445 - Strange Noisers (Project TW - Image 45-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 45/366

I was just chillerings out in the hotels room today as it was rainerings like hellers outsides, honestlies I would have been betterers off tryings to find a boat hirings firmer in the yellower pages.

Anyways, while I was sitterings on the coucher watchings the telemavision I heards a weirders noise comings from the kitchener, at firsts I thinkereds that I was just imaginisationerings the noises, but when I askereds, "Is anyones there?" I gettereds a reply!!!

"Nmmmmmm!", whatever the hells that means, I certainlies didn't hangers around to finds out. I just grabbereds my helmeter and mades a hastiers hop, skip and jumper to the bathsroom.

I just hopes whatever the hells it is doesn't followers me in here!

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Uglyworld #1444 - Scottishers Mexicans (Project TW - Image 44-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 44/366

I has to tellers you that others than cookies, my super toppers favouriter food is one that I first tastiereds while we was visiterings Scotlands.

Rindfleish, grounded beefs, or as the Scottishers likes to refers to it, simplies as "mince", and then a massivers big helperings of potato and smothereds in tastiers gravy!

Mince and tatties rockers my tastybudders biggerstime, so you can imaginers my surprisers when I finders mince and tatties wrappereds up in a burritoer on the menus at the locals Taco Beller!!!

I may justs have screamereds a littler bit loudlies at the girls behind the counters, they seemereds a littler bit scared when I yellereds, "Sorters me outs with 2 mince and tatties burritos righters now, and makes it snappies!!!"

I hopes they tasters just how I imaginers...

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Uglyworld #1443 - Riderings Mustangers (Project TW - Image 43-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 43/366

You may already knows that Baz has a coolers big V8 backs in Europe, it's a biggers engined, fire breatherings monster from Australia calleds a Monaro.

I has heards from Babo that when he was travellerings with Baz lasts year that they always gets different hire cars each time buts that they is normallies smaller stylers of cars, Babo even referrereds to them as "lunchieboxers on wheels".

This times however, alls of that is changereds, as the coolers hirecar peoples gives us the keys to a horsey, yups, a horsey, we are riderings Mustangers in Oregons!

It's so coolers riderings around in the passengers seat, with the sounders system turned up louds and my head bobbering to the beats.

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Uglyworld #1442 - Night Stomperings

It's not easy getting to sleep when there's some serious night stomping going on!

Big shout out to Benny at Tenacious Toys for sending Bossy my way!

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Uglyworld #1441 - Secreters Supplies (Project TW - Image 42-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 42/366

Before I leavereds Germanies justs after new years, Babo warnereds me that I should makes sure to takes some suppliers with me for whens the weather is poo.

I obviouslies would have likereds to be hikerings through the countrysiders, climberings mountains or runnerings around on the beachers of Oregons and Washingtons, but lets facer it, with poo weathers this weekender I hads to deals with a quieters weekender insteads.

Thankfullies Babo's advicers was perfects, as I packereds myself some "secreters supplies" that I was abler to cracks open this evenings while watcherings the telemavision.

Whiters chocolaters is definitelies one of my favouriters things to eats, unfortunatelies it's one of Baz's favouriters too, so I has to keepers it well hidereds from his choccy snafflerings eyes!

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Uglyworld #1440 - Sharings The Funners (Project TW - Image 41-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 41/366

One of the biggers lessons I has learnereds since arriverings here on Earths involvers sharings the funners.

Pictures the scener, if you wills, you is alls alone in a roomer alls by yourselfers and you has the funnyerests joker in the wholes universe in your heads, but no-ones to tellers it to.

Now, that very sames joker in a roomer fulls of people is a wholes different stories, and that's the perfecters reasoner for you to always be sharings the funners!

Tonighter, justs before my gooders buddies Olivias, Peters and Walters was abouts to gets up to more Fringerings goodness, I offereds my cousiner Fwage the chance to watchers the telemavision from insiders a superbowl winnerings helmeter!

Of course Fwage saids yes to my offers, who wouldn'ts...!?!?!?

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Uglyworld #1439 - I Adores The S'mores (Project TW - Image 40-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 40/366

Baz suggestereds that evens though Thursday nighters is always our pizza nighters, that we tries somethings a littler bit different tonights.

We visitereds a coolers restauranter calleds Shari's where they makes loads of tastiers food, and bestesters of all afters you has eatereds your mains courser you can choosers from a massiver selection of cakers and pies!!!

I decidereds to goes for one that looks so amazerings, and after learnerings the namer of it I hads to tells the waitresser "I adores the S'mores!".

Talks about tastiers, yummies!!!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Uglyworld #1438 - Awakers At Lasts (Project TW - Image 39-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 39/366

There's nothings quite like a nice piperings hot showerer to wakers you up.

I thinks I had betterers stay aways from Baz's beers, at leasts for a littlers while...

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Uglyworld #1437 - Just A Littles Longerer (Project TW - Image 38-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 38/366

Whats do you means I has been sleeperings for two daysies, is you a mentaller?

Just a littles longerer, then I'll gets up, I promises!

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Uglyworld #1436 - Post Superbowl Sleepies (Project TW - Image 37-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 37/366

The good thing about Wage and the gang being small is the fact that when they choose to steal some of my beer, it normally ends up being one of two bottles at the most and then they're out for the count snoozing it off.

Last night after the super bowl finished Wage cracked open a bottle of Fat Tire...we're now a full day later and he's still snoring away...all the more cookies of me, ha ha!

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Uglyworld #1435 - Super Bowling Sundays (Project TW - Image 36-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 36/366

Firstlies, hello from Oregon everyones!!!

We flyereds up from Calimafornia around lunchies timer today, and managereds to gets checkered into Babo's favouriter hotel in alls of Americas.

I quickly learneds why Babo likers it so much, the hotels people had leavereds a coolers big note in our roomer sayings "Welcome Back!", and more importantlies they sorteds me out with nots just one boxer of cookies, buts two of them!!!

No sooners had we checkereds in, but there was a knocker at the door, looks who it is, Cookie Chef Babo...!!!

Thankfullies he wanteds to hanger around and watches the Super Bowling with me, so we inventereds a coolers game to plays while things is going slowers on the fielder, we calls it "Cookie Flippin'".

Cookie Chef Babo is reallies good at it, checks it out, "Goes long Babo....", and he catchers another one!!!

Woohooo, go Gianters!

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Uglyworld #1434 - Beach Runnerings (Project TW - Image 35-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 35/366

I can officiallies say that I am now the biggerests fan of Calimafornia, I had hearereds so muches about it from Babo, but afters getting to spends the first whack of daysies of this year here it's been even coolers than I expectereds it to be!

Today I gettereds to watch the sun risering and settering, with loads of gooders fun inbetweens!

At lunchers time I tolds Baz that I couldn't eaters my lunch cookies until I had dones my fitnessers for the day, which was really coolers as I went for a runner alongs the beacher near Davenport.

I musts admit, I was a littler bit worrieds that Baz would eaters my cookies while I was runnering, but surpriser surpriser, he didn'ts!

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Uglyworld #1433 - The Push Ups King (Project TW - Image 34-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 34/366

Baz lettereds me know on Thursday nighters that we will be leavering Californias this coming Sunday to heads away with his workies yet again.

The bestester bits is that he tellereds me that I could deciders where we goes for our lasters Saturday daytripper.

I immediatelies thinkereds about makering him drives us all the ways down to Mexicos, but after I checkereds the distances on the mapper I realisereds that this would be justs the tinierests wee bitter too far to makes him drive, especiallies with us havering to packs our suitcasers on Saturday nights too!

So, I decideds to ponders the possimibilities while I did my dailies workouts.

Midways through my routiner of five hundreds push ups (I gets nicknamereds the push ups king by the hotels staff here in Sunnyvales) it came to me likes a bolter of lightnings, another awesome sunny day besiders the Pacifics Oceaner!

So fars I has pencillereds in that we visiters beaches, cliffers and says hello to the locallers wildlifer alongs the way from sunrisers to sunsetters, as lets facer it, that's what a lasts daytripper should be, completely awesomers!

I is goings to head to bed earliers tonight so that I can be upper brights and breezies tomorrow mornings, as the saying goes "the eariers ugly catchers the sunrisers while eaterings a cookie!"

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Uglyworld #1432 - Round Tablers (Project TW - Image 33-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 33/366

It feels like only a weeker ago that it was Thursdays night, but here it is rights on tops of us all agains, so that means, yups, pizza nighter is heres again!!!

I has been getterings a littler bits worried abouts putting on weights now that I has already beens out on the roads with Baz for a whole monther, so I put on my workouts gear and went outs for a run this afternoons.

Obviously as I knew it was pizza nighter, so I made sure my run endereds up at a pizza jointer, Round Tablers this timer for us!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Uglyworld #1431 - Neeeed Waaateeers Noooowwww! (Project TW - Image 32-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 32/366

Againsts my betterers judgements I decidereds to gives the Flamin' Hotters Cheetos a goer, holy crapsticks, my mouth is ooon fiiiiiiiiiiires!!!

Neeeeeeds waaaaaateeeeers noooowwww!!!

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