Friday, 3 February 2012

Uglyworld #1433 - The Push Ups King (Project TW - Image 34-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 34/366

Baz lettereds me know on Thursday nighters that we will be leavering Californias this coming Sunday to heads away with his workies yet again.

The bestester bits is that he tellereds me that I could deciders where we goes for our lasters Saturday daytripper.

I immediatelies thinkereds about makering him drives us all the ways down to Mexicos, but after I checkereds the distances on the mapper I realisereds that this would be justs the tinierests wee bitter too far to makes him drive, especiallies with us havering to packs our suitcasers on Saturday nights too!

So, I decideds to ponders the possimibilities while I did my dailies workouts.

Midways through my routiner of five hundreds push ups (I gets nicknamereds the push ups king by the hotels staff here in Sunnyvales) it came to me likes a bolter of lightnings, another awesome sunny day besiders the Pacifics Oceaner!

So fars I has pencillereds in that we visiters beaches, cliffers and says hello to the locallers wildlifer alongs the way from sunrisers to sunsetters, as lets facer it, that's what a lasts daytripper should be, completely awesomers!

I is goings to head to bed earliers tonight so that I can be upper brights and breezies tomorrow mornings, as the saying goes "the eariers ugly catchers the sunrisers while eaterings a cookie!"

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