Sunday, 19 February 2012

Uglyworld #1450 - The Pains Zone (Project TW - Image 50-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 50/366

Afters our mega successfullers team talkers yesterday we were all rarings to get ons with the task of capturings the cookie eaterings machine who invadeds our hotels room earliers in the weekie.

Even with the bestesters team on your siders, you still needs to has the pefecters plan, and ours involvereds using a brands new, unopeneds packeter of doubles stuffers oreos as our baits to lure the biggers guy into what we had nicknamereds our "pains zone".

Unfortunatelies I thinks namerings it the pains zone wasn't the smarterests idea, as we all endereds up being the ones lyings in the zone rollerings around in pains.

We really underestimatated the strengths of the biggers guy, he was ables to takes care of us alls without even havings to workers up a sweater!!!

Worsts of alls is that he is now scofferings all of those tastiers Oreo's that we had plannereds to eats ourselves as a celemabrations snackie!!!

I thinks we has all findereds new parts of our body that we didn't knows existereds before, now we knows that they exists becausers of the pains!

I think I need to comes up with another planner...

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