Monday, 20 February 2012

Uglyworld #1451 - Presidentials Assistancers (Project TW - Image 51-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 51/366

*ring ring*

Reception: "Hello, this is the Whitehouse, how can I direct your call"

Wage: "I needs to speakies to the commanders in chieftan immediatelies"

Reception: "Clearance code please?"

Wage: "Cookie lovers"

Reception: "Thank you Agent Wage, hold the line please"

Presidents Aid: "Challenge code - Dark Matter"

Wage: "Responser - Wonky Armadillos"

Presidents Aid: "Please hold for the president"

President: "This is the president, please go ahead"

Wage: "Good mornings sir, I am sorrys to contactors you todays on your days off for Presidents Day, buts I has a matters that I needs assistances with immediatelies"

President: "I'm all ears Wage, please continue"

Wage: "I needers the nationals guarders, mariners, flying ducks, you namers it, I needers you to senders them!"

President: "What could possibly be putting our country in such grave danger?"

Wage: "My cookies!!! Some evils scientister has createreds a monsters of monsterouser proportioners!!! They has createreds a cookie eaterings machine!!!"

President: "Oh my, this does sounds like trouble, first step eating the cookies, next thing you know it they're eating the entire country from beneath our feet!"

Wage: "Exactlies!!!"

President: "Well, unfortunately the national guard, marines and 'flying ducks' as you so adptly called them are all busy defending peace in other parts of the world, but I do have our secret weapon available to deploy!"

Wage: "Batmans?"

President: "No, not Batman, he's on his annual vacation just now."

Wage: "Thens who?"

President: "Our fabled Girl Scouts, they're masters of dealing with cookie incidents, I'll send them straight away to your location"

Wage: "Emmm, okays, if you is sures that they can handlers this!"

President: "Of course they can, I need to end this call now son, my breakfast is waiting on me, good luck...!!!"

Wage: "Thanks you sir, enjoyers your brekkiesfast, Wage overs and out!"


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