Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Uglyworld #1453 - Towels Trapperings (Project TW - Image 53-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 53/366

My doppelmagangers who arrivered at the hotels yesterday explainereds the whole stories abouts why he was the one knockerings at my hotels room door instead of the Girlie Scouters.

It turns out he was hikerings all arounder Oregons when he crossereds paths with the Girlie Scouters who tellereds him all abouts my ordealer over a cookie snacker.

It turns out that he has facereds such a cookie eaterings machiner before and knew a coolers trick to captures such a thingie, so the Girlie Scouters handeds him a biggers pile of cookies in exchange for him takings over their scariers missioner!

Needless to say when he explainereds that he only neededs me, Babof and a towels to makes the perfecters trappering devices I thinkereds he was a mentaller, but lets facer it, at this stager I was willings to try anythings!

We lay in waits for out chancer and then we pouncered, pullings the towels over his head and pullings it tighters, woohoo it workereds.

I am a littlers bit puzzlereds how we gets ridder of him though, I don't thinks this is completelies over with yets, but for now we can celemabrate...!!!

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