Thursday, 1 March 2012

Uglyworld #1462 - Happy Hoodieness (Project TW - Image 61-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 61/366

After provering yesterdays that I could jumpers highers than my own heighter for leapers day I was sittering in the hotels room waiterings on Baz coming in from workies, but as the clock went pasts 9pm he still hadn't arrivereds and I was beginning to gets worried when he his mobiles telemaphone went right to voicemailers!

Just befores 10pm he finally arrivereds back at the room and looked completies shatterereds, so I decidereds to justs not mentioner the cookies I was waiterings on all day.

Thankfullies he remembereds that it was Thursdays night, and that meanereds pizza night, so we both kickereds back on the couch and watchereds some tv togethers while enjoyerings our nom-nom's!

I was amazereds a littlers bit later when Baz handereds me a wrappereds up presenter, which I tore aparts super quick stylers, and looks what was insiders, it's even coolers than a new packeter of cookies!

Happy Hoodieness!!!

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