Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Uglyworld #1468 - Packerings (Project TW - Image 67-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 67/366

Baz keeps tellerings me that I looks quite excitereds today, but I thinks I just looks normals.

I supposers that he may be tellerings the truths as on the insiders I can't waits to be backs home in the cookie cave with the rests of my ugly cousins and buddies.

As we flies first thing tomorrow mornings from Portlands to Chicagos I has already packereds my ever growings wardrober into our suitscaser, the only problems with such a biggers selectioner of clothes is deciderings what to wears for the tripper backs home.

Hmmm, for nows I has stickereds with my polos shirter from lasts Sunday as lets facer it, I didn't gets to enjoys a gooders day out with Baz withs it on last weekender as he hads to work, so maybies it should gets one more day of wears before I putters it for washings?

Also I doesn't want to arrivers back in Germanys to finders out that its mega winteries over there and freezers my ear nubbins off, so keepings my wooly hats that Mireille crochets for me handy would be a really gooders idea too!

Then agains, if I just wears my super mega coolers apron then there is more chancers of peoples recognerisings me and askerings for my automagraph, the life of a famous travellerings ugly can be so mentallers at times, hmmm, decisioners, decisioners...

Pee Ess - I musts also remembers to says a biggers thanks you and cheerios to my gooders friendlies at the hotels, now I sees why Babo enjoyereds it so much heres last year, hopefullies sees you alls again soons!

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