Friday, 9 March 2012

Uglyworld #1470 - The Traveller Returns (Project TW - Image 69-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 69/366

Hellos everyone, it's your gooders friendly Babo heres today!

Firsts off I hopes that you alls is misserings me as muches as I is misserings you alls, buts at the sames timer I hopes even mores so that you is all enjoyerings all the tales and stuffers that Wage is getterings up to alreadies this year!

I didn't even knows that Wage was comings back home untils I findereds Baz's shoes lyings insiders of the front doors!

I'm sure can imaginers the exciteredments at that exacts moment, and it takereds me around halfs of a nanoseconder to abouts turn and sprinters up the stairs to Wage's bedroomer.

Checks it out, the traveller returns, Wage is officiallies back in the cookie cave...!!!

I betters let him snooze a littlers bit longer to helps him get over the jetlaggers, as I knows all too wells that they can bites you in the butt mega hards at times.

Okies, I will signers off now as I has to heads to the supermarkets quickly to gets stockereds up on cookies now that my bestesters buddy is backs in town!

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