Friday, 30 March 2012

Uglyworld #1491 - The Wall Of Wowzers (Project TW - Image 90-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 90/366

Todays we flyers back from Grenobles to Aachens, so I decidereds to gets up super earlies today and explorers a littlers more around the cities before we headers home. I even gettereds up and outs of the hotels room before Baz was even awakers, which is nots normallers!

It seemereds like arounds every singlers corner there was a breadies shop with the smells of fresh baguetters drifterings out the door and onto the streets outside, and nots to mention the amounts of nice peoples who passereds me by and saids bonjour to me, it's such a happiers sounding word to hears firsts thing in the mornings, but still gets beatereds to tops spot by someone sayings "fresh cookies".

After munchings on a croissanter and a smallers cake I continuereds my exploramanations, and looks what I findereds - it's the wall of wowzers!!!

Just looks at the awesomers detailings of alls the peoplers and the funs they is all haverings, whenever we is backs in Grenobles again I really musts bring Baz alongs with me to photomagraph it more details!

A wall of wowzers, yes indeeds, who woulds have thoughtereds I would finds one here in Grenobles...

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