Sunday, 1 April 2012

Uglyworld #1493 - Eggies For Breakiesfast (Project TW - Image 92-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 92/366

When I is aways on the roadies travellerings with Baz we gets to eats and drinkers whatever we feelers like, which is pretty muchers the polar oppositers of what it is likes being backs in the cookie cave unders the ever watchermafuls eyes of Mireille.

Takers this morning for an exampler, I is lookerings out some tastiers food from the fridgie and freezer to makes a super tastiers fry up, and then in whizzers Mireille at the speeders of lights and puts an eggies cupper in fronts of me and tells me that I needs to has an egg for todays breakiesfast.

A boilereds egg, seriouslies, for me who needers all the gooders super tastiers food to grows up into a proper grown ups ugly?

No ways hosays I says to that every singlers time!

Thankfullies Baz came to my rescuers by askerings Mireille if it was in the rulers book that I could eats any kinds of eggies that could fitters in the eggies cupper, no matters whethers the eggies was cookereds, boilereds, smellereds or tastereds funny.

Mireille saids that this was okays, and then Baz producereds a mega tastiers creme eggie from those awesomers people over at Cadburyers in Englands, talks about haverings the perfecters kind of eggies for breakfast, oh yeah...!!!

It's safers to says that Baz makereds an April Fools out of Mireille this times!

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