Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Uglyworld #1495 - Baz's Laterests Publimication (Project TW - Image 94-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 94/366

One of the biggerests bits of fun with travellerings around the worlders with Baz is thats he is always takerings photomagraphs of so many coolers cities and landscapers.

It's already mega coolers to returners home to the cookie cave and sharers the amazerings photomagraphs with the rests of the gang in the cave, but imaginers how cools it is when Baz's photomagraphs actually gets printereds in a magaziner or book!

Takers this one for an exampler, on Saturdays last weekender a biggerers package arrivereds in the posts, and when I openereds it up I findeds an absolutely hugers book insiders by a coolers person calleds Jay Phelan.

The hugers book tells you so many coolers stories and mores importantlies, they is all completely choccereds to the brims with real facters, no fictions involvereds here, oh noes, justs stonereds cold hard facters!

His photomagraph of Mount St Helens volcanamo is hiderings on page 639 insiders the brands new collegers textbook "What Is Life?", which is maybies a littlers bit confusings at firsts until you readers the seconds titler, "A guider to biomologies and physiomologies".

Maybies some of you outs there in the internets will even users this textbook to passers your examies, how cools would that be!

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