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Uglyworld #1500 - Easters Fun Show (Project TW - Image 99-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 99/366

Being one of the biggerers uglies livings here on Earths with you all means that I gets to has so much funs lookering after all the littlers uglies that comes with us from Uglyworld.

For the pasts coupler of weekies I has been hards at work makerings my coolers tenter and also designerings all the coolers images so that I could cuts them outer and gluers them ontos the fronts of my tenter to be the backgrounders for my easters story.

You can sees justs how biggers a crowd gathereds to hears the story this years, so it musts have been a gooders one!

I'll shares it withs you alls if you likers...?

"Robbie and Roberta rabbiter wakereds up brighters and earliers on Easters Sunday, and when they lookereds out of the windows they wondereds if the Easters Bunny had paids them a visiter"

"As Roberta reachereds their livingsroomer she gaspereds with shock while lookerings at their easter eggies basketer, as it was sitterings there completely emptiers!!!"

"Robbie, comes quick, the easters rabbiter hasn't been able to pays us a visiter, and now we has no tastiers easter eggies in our basketer, what are we goings to do now for our easters sunday dinnerers!"

*gaspers from the audiencers*

"Roberta was cryings her eyes out when Robbie hads the brainwaver to takes a walker outsides in the warms spring sunshiners, and afters dryerings Robertas tearies away with some tissuers the pair settereds off for a nice walkers in the countrysider"

"Afters a while Robbie and Roberta were startings to get mega hungries, but an easter eggies shop was nowheres to be findereds, and the pair begans to grow weariers and wondereds if this woulds be their lasts easterer togethers"

*ooohhhh from the audiencers*

"Roberta sittereds down on the grounds, unabler to continuers, Robbie, after makerings sure that she was comfiers decidereds to walks justs that littlers bit furthers, ups and overs the nexts hiller"

"As he reachereds the tops of the hill he coulds see a builderings in the distancers, and nots just any builderings, a cookie shopper!"

*gaspers from the audiencers*

"He shoutereds back downs to Roberta who gettereds a seconders wave of energies at the gooders news and she sprintereds as fasts as her feeties could carries her ups the hill to stands sides by sides with Robbie once mores"

"Froms about half a miler away they could sniffers the sweeters aromas of cookies that mosts rabbiters only dreamers about, and when they reachereds the doors of the shop they were greetereds by the biggerests selectioner of cookies you can possiblies imaginer!"

*cheerers from the audiencers*

"Roberta and Robbie eaters all the cookies their littlers bellys could holds and they evens takereds a few boxers of the tastiers cookies home withs them to enjoyers for the days to comes."

"As the sun slowly droppereds over the horizons the pair skippereds off home with biggerers smiles on their faces and tastiers cookies unders their arms"

*massivers clapperings and cheererings from the audiencers*

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p.s. A massive thank you all for the views, comments and favourites over the last 1500 images of my adventures in uglyworld set (or what should simply be known as the story of the little guys life here with us on Earth), 1500 images, I can't believe it myself!!!

It's all your feedback on Flickr, the Adventures In Uglyworld blog, Facebook, Google+, and so many other websites out there that makes this so much more fun to do for myself and Mireille! You guys inspire us to continue, so here's to the next 500 images...!!!

Barry & Mireille.

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