Thursday, 26 April 2012

Uglyworld #1519 - Cultimavatings (Project TW - Image 117-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 117/366

With alls of my travellerings this year, my girliesfriend Tray has been a littlers bit neglectereds, so I makereds a deal with Babo to lets his sentencers gets cut shorters for stealings the cookies in exchangers for him to puts on his "Dr B Greenthumb" persomanality and givers me some lessons in cultimavatings.

Todays I plantereds some prettiers flowers into the planterings basketers on our balcony, and I pickereds Trays favouriters colours, pinkies, so that she will sees that I dids it all for her!

The flowers here is calleds "Highlanders", or to users there Latiners name "Saxifraga x arendsii", so with the facts that we will be travellerings to Scotlands in unders a month, they fitters in justs perfecters.

I can't waits to sees the look on Trays face when she finders out that I plantereds them speciallies for her toos!

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