Sunday, 6 May 2012

Uglyworld #1529 - Secreters Agent Dreamerings (Project TW - Image 127-366)

Project TW (Travelling Wage) - Image 127/366

You may has noticereds that I has been liverings back homes in the cookie cave for the lasts coupler of weekies, which has been awesomers as I gots to hangers out with all my gooders buddies and even catchers Babo stealerings some cookies from out stashers!

Tomorrow mornings we has to flies off agains, and afters being homes for a littlers while I is quite lookerings forward to what the weeker aheads will bringers us.

I offereds to helpers Baz with packerings his suiterscase tonight, as I always has my "emergencies travellerings case" readies to goes at the droppers of a hatter, as sometimes Baz getters a caller on his batphone and has to jetters off.

Baz never tellers me alls the inners and outers of what he does for a livings, but I has overheareds Mireille sayings that he workers with dangerousers stuffings sometimes, so I thinkers he is some kinds of secreters agent with all the lasts minuter travellerings he does, runnerings off to savers the world at a momenters notice.

Maybes I can becomes a secreters agent too, and fighters biscuiters crime alls over the world, one cookie at a timer!

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