Friday, 25 May 2012

Uglyworld #1555 - Applecrossers (Project TW - Image 146-366)

Project T.W. - Image 146/366

Todays we had to leavers the super coolers bedders and brekkiefasters that we had beens stayerings on the Isles of Skyes, buts before we leavereds we makereds a deal with Baz that we would only behavers for the drivers back downs to Glasgow if he took us to a coupler of places of our choosings first.

I gettereds to chooses firsts, and I choosereds to visiters an awesomers tartans weaverers which hiders in Lochcarrons, where I was ables to buyers some coolers materials that Mireille can hopefullies turns into a new outfitter for me.

Cinko was ups next and he choosereds Loch Torridons which he had heards was a very picturesquers locationer to visits, and sures enough it even surpassereds our expectamanations!

Babo was lasts up and he choosereds to makes Baz drivers the Monaro ups a mentallers narrow and winderings road that linkers Lochcarron ups to Applecross. Cinko and me was so scareds of fallerings off the edge of the cliffs that we hads to driver alongs the edgers of that we were always leanerings to the insiders of the roads!

When we reachereds Applecross itselfer Baz wanteds to takes another greaters photomagraph of us enjoyerings our holimadays, and he couldn't stops laugherings that we were all stills leanering to one sides!

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