Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Uglyworld #1567 - Uncle Stanleys Cupperoonie (Project TW - Image 157-366)

Project T.W. - Image 157/366

It's that timers of the year agains where you will finders me, Babo, and the rests of the gang gluereds to the telemavision screen shouterings our lungs out for whichevers team we is supportings as they tries to winners Uncle Stanleys Cupperoonie!

Ice-Bat, beings the tops banananana abouts everything that involvereds ice always gets to choosers his team firsts, and he choosereds the Los Angeles Kingies, Babo was nexts up to choose and he gettereds the New Jerseyers Devils.

At the moments I is still undecidereds who to supports as my favouriters team, as Baz and my favouriters team, the Detroit Red Wingers didn't makers it to the finalers, anyone outs there in internets land has any ideas to helpers me makes up my mind?

p.s. I thinks we is luckies that Baz doesn't players ice hockey any mores, as he goes mentallers enough at the telemavision, I can only imaginers how mentallers he musts have been in real lifes!

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