Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Uglyworld #1582 - Spenderings A Penny (Project TW - Image 172-366)

Project T.W. - Image 172/366

We was on our ways to the hairyporter for out flights back to Germanies today when I gettereds the suddeners urge to "spenderings a penny" as Baz refers to it sometimes.

I didn't quite undermastands the logics of how goings to the toilets could ever be convertereds over to spenderings a singlers penny, so I askereds an olders woman who was standerings in the line to spenders her own penny.

She tellereds me that backs in the golden oldies days you used to has to pays a singlers penny to goes to the toileters, and that was hows the phrase comes into existancers.

Quite interesterings convermasations you can has while standerings in the longs line for the toileter on a warms summer day!

Obviouslies no-one has trieds to brings the phrases bangs up to dates, as then you would has to says "spenderings enoughs for a packeter of cookies!", especiallies in many Europeans countriers, where they robbers you of a wholes shiny fifty centers for the priviledger of gracings their toileter withs your presences, and you doesn't even gets a free cookie eithers!

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