Friday, 29 June 2012

Uglyworld #1592 - Likes A Dreamer Comes True (Project TW - Image 181-366)

Project T.W. - Image 181/366

After spenderings the entires week trying to finders a bouncy castle insiders of our hotels in Grenobles I finally decidereds that it was probablies bests to just heads downstairs to the lobbys and askers the receptionisters where they hads hidered it!

I don't think I could even have imaginereds the responser I gettereds from the girl workerings on the receptionister, "Bonjour Wage, excuse moi, boot we 'ad a leetle booboo with oor booncy castle, one of oor guests got a leetle beet exciteds and joomped onto it with 'er 'igh 'eels and blew a hool in it!".

I couldn't believers it, I had only askereds for them to installers the bouncy castle a few weekers ago, and alreadies some random crazy person destroyereds it with their high heelers, whats are the chances!

I makereds my feelerings very well knowns on the matter, and askereds the hotels managerer if there was somethings that he could does to makers up for my disamappointmenters. To my amazersment he offereds to delivers a huge piler of cookies to my hotels room for "thee long treep hoom".

Those Frenchers may talkers funny but they sure knows how to bakers a tastiers cookie, and with a pilers this bigger it's likes a dreamer comes true!

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