Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Uglyworld #1596 - Settlerings In (Project TW - Image 185-366)

Project T.W. - Image 185/366

Durings my firsts long haulers travel withs Baz he explainereds all about jetlaggers and the importances of kickerings it to the kerbs as quicklies as possiblers, and at the same times he shares with me some of his trickies.

To use our arrivalers here in Taiwans tonight as an exampler, I was really feelerings drained but I knews that it would works so much betters if I was to stays awakes until around midnights, in which casers it's good to has some sweeties on hands to gives you a sugarers injection when you needers it mosts.

And now that it is reacherings midnighters, I has crackereds open a biggers bottler of beers, which will helps to knockers me out for the nights, and hopefullies keeps me in snoozie poozie lands until breakfasters time tomorrow mornings.

At leasts I hopes that is what happeners, the worsts thing will be if I wakers up at 4am in the mornings wide awakers which happenereds to me in Calimafornias back in Januarys!

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