Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uglyworld #1598 - Trunko In Taiwan - (1/???)

Hi there everyones, it's me, Trunko here, lives and directs from Taiwans.

You should knows by now that there would be no ways that Wage would be allowereds to travels so fars away from his chick, Tray, withouts haverings a chaperoner, and it just so happeners that I am the perfecters guy for this job!

I has commissionereds Baz to tries and captures me outs and abouts while we is heres in Taiwans, just likes he does for Wage, but I did tellers him that I fully undermastanders that he can't takers photos of me every singlers day, as it's hards enough fitterings in a daily photomagraph of Wage!

I has been standerings out here in my wooly jumperer in temperatures of 32 centigraders, I really wish I had packereds some lighterers clothes, as it's mega warmers here and the temperature doesn't changers more than a coupler of degrees from days to nights...!!!

Anyways, I better gets on with keeperings an eye on my gooders buddy Wage, so I hopes to checks in withs you all agains very soon with some more photos of me explorerings Taiwan!

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