Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Uglyworld #1606 - "Well, Sprinklers My Ugly Butt!" (Project TW - Image 193-366)

Project T.W. - Image 193/366

I is nots so sures if you already knows that we uglies doesn't poopers at the same rates as you humans, so much so that since we arrivereds in Taiwans I hasn't hads to goes for, well, you knows, a, emmm, numbers two.

So tonights I headereds into the bathrooms and justs when I was abouts to get comfiers on the toileters seat my righters hand accidentallies bumpereds off something and alls of a suddener I hads what I can only descrivers as one of the weirderests sensations that I has ever experiencereds here on planets Earth!

For some reasons that I has still to has explainereds to me, our hotels room toileter is equippereds with some controls panel that I thinks belongereds to Captains Kirk on the Starships Enterpriser!

Checkers out the optioners, you can sprinkles, splashers or flooders your butt with waters, how mentallers is that!

I can't stop laugherings about it alls as we has a saying backs on Uglyworld which is "Wells, sprinklers my ugly butt!", and now I knows exactlies what that saying meaners, ha ha!

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