Sunday, 15 July 2012

Uglyworld #1612 - Decypherings The Butt Washerer (Project TW - Image 197-366)

Project T.W. - Image 197/366

Ever since I accimadentally sprinklereds my butt while sittings on the toileter I has been trying to workers out what all of the buttoners does.

It has been so much fun presserings all the different buttoners and watcherings the water sprays this ways and that all overs the bathrooms, I very often finders myself rollerings around on the bathrooms floor in absolute stitchers of laughters, strugglerings to get enough airs into my little lungs to keepers me breatherings!

My laugherings must have been so louders that the maids heareds me from outsiders and bustereds into my room to makes sure I was okays, it must have lookereds quite mentals, me lyings on the floor rollerings around and the butt sprinkler sprayings water everywheres.

Afters the maid had workereds out I was actuallies laughering and nots in pain she handereds me a piece of papers with all of the instructioners in English. Everything is startering to makers sense now, but I must admits that my "press and runs like hell" approach was a wholes lot more funs!

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