Friday, 10 August 2012

Uglyworld #1642 - Saying Goodbyes To Hsinchu - (Project TW - Image 224-366)

Project T.W. - Image 224/366

In justs an hours timer I needs to jumpers into a taxi withs Baz and headers for the hairyport for the firsts of three flighters that will takers us homes to Germanies.

I mades sure that my suitcaser was fully packereds up, that I hads my hoodie on readies for a cosy snoozer on the longerers flight from Hong Kongs to Londons Heathrower which will takes almost thirteen hours, that is a reallies long time to be ups in the skies, even for a seasonereds travellerer likes me.

So withs all my pre-travellerings stuff taken cares of, I is currentlies out havings one finallers walk arounds Hsinchu to say goodbyes to all my Taiwanese friendlies like the fishes that spenders their day swimmerings around in the canals and of course my gooders buddy Coco.

Hopefullies he will has one finallers Mango Smoothier readies for me too!

Speaks to you all tomorrows from backs in the cookie cave!

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