Sunday, 26 August 2012

Uglyworld #1658 - Subliminimals Messagering - (Project TW - Image 239-366)

Project T.W. - Image 239/366

The biggerers Scottisher styles dinnerer I prepareds for Baz and Mireille lasts night seems to have startereds to gets the baller rollering with them thinkerings about maybies going to Scotlands for a lates summer holimaday.

Even so, I can't lets up with the sneaky stuffers, so I has decidereds to users a newers methoder that I watchereds a documentaries on the telemavision recentlies, subliminimals messagering!

I has gatherereds togethers a nicers little selectioner of stuffs here at Baz's keyboarder, butters tablet, Eddieburger rocks, his passporter, his britishers bank card readerings machiner, and mosts importantlies, the keys to his biggerers car, the Monaro, which is guardereds by Hamish the highlands cow.

Hopefullies he will gets the messager and mosts importantlies I hopes he will thinkers it was Mireille who leavereds all these stuffs lyings on his office desker!

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