Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Uglyworld #1674 - Movies Nighter - (Project TW - Image 255-366)

Project T.W. - Image 255/366

This evenings we wents out to gets ourselves a tastiers dinnerer at a locallers beefeaterer restauranter and then headereds back to the house of Baz's mama to packers up our suitcasers ready to heads to Obans earliers tomorrow mornings to catchers our ferries to the Isle of Barra.

I was so super excitereds about the prospecter of visiterings two of the coolerest looking islanders of Scotlands outer hebridiers that it was beginnering to lookers like I wouldn't be ablers to fallers off to sleeps very easilies tonight as I was so full of energies.

Mireille came ups with a mastersplan, once all the casers were packereds up, we all gathereds on the couch and watchereds the debut filmer from Baz's youngerer brother, which is callereds Booked Out and is availables now on DVD's.

If you hasn't seens it yet, then I suggesters that you checkers it out, as I really likereds it!

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