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Uglyworld #1681 - Lochmaddy Conservamanations Area - (Project TW - Image 260-366)

Project T.W. - Image 260/366

Whenever I is outs on my travellers I always likes to learns as muchers as I cans about the locallers area, and this evenings is a perfecters exampler!

We has travellereds from Barra this mornings, on a ferry to Eriskay where I learneds that there is a medievals castler on one of the smaller islands justs to the Souths of it. From there we crossereds a causeway, which is a man mades road buildereds across the Atlantics ocean, to South Uist.

We then drivereds right ups through South Uist to the very tops where we crossereds another causeway to the Isle of Benbecula, then another causeway to the Isle of Grimsay, then another causeway to North Uist, and a finallers one to has a quicks visiter to the Isle of Berneray. What I has learnereds from crosserings the causeways is that here on the Outer Mahebrides of Scotlands, there is loads of otters that likes to runners over the causeways so all the drivers gets warneds to keeps their eyes opened fors them!

We is now sittings waiterings on our ferry at the littlers town of Lochmaddy on the North Easts corner of North Uist which is a biggers Euromapean conservamanations area, as you can sees by the sign in fronts of me!

The ferry will takes us over to my mosts favouriter island in alls Scotland, the Isle of Skye, which I has visitereds several times already, the lasts time was in May this years. By the timers our ferry arrivers in Skye this evenings I will have standereds on 8 different islands in the one day, surelies that must be some kinds of recorder!!!

Speaks to you tomorrows from the Isle of Skye!

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