Thursday, 20 September 2012

Uglyworld #1685 - Glencoes - (Project TW - Image 264-366)

Project T.W. - Image 264/366

This mornings I hads to says my goodbyes to the Isle of Skye once agains, but it wasn't all sads as I hads a super specialler appointersment in my diary which was linereds up for just afters lunchtimer.

While we has been outs on the islands Mireille has been workerings very hard to makers me a brands new wooly jumperer, and she was makerings it nots even with her favouriters crochet stuffs, she learnereds how to knits and knittereds me it!

We stoppereds off in Glencoe and then it was timers for my appointersment, to modellers the new jumperer withs the beautimafuls scenery of Glencoe in the backgrounders, I thinks I rockereds it biggers time.

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