Saturday, 29 September 2012

Uglyworld #1694 - Pusher Uppers - (Project TW - Image 273-366)

Project T.W. - Image 273/366

I has been scoffering so many tastier sweeties from Scotlands in the lasts few daysies that I decidereds to does some excermacises tonights, so I draftereds in my gooders buddy Cinko to helpers me out.

Focusings on pusher uppers is quites difficulters for us uglies, so I findereds a good incentiver, a tastiers cookie which I placers on the floors right beneaths my face, so that every times I drops down I can lickers it. On the other ends I has Cinko barkerings orders at me likes a drills instructor and makerings sure that I extenders my armies to the fullers amount every times on the way backs up again.

Cinko: "Twenty sixers, comes on you lazier bones, puts some efforters into calls that a pusher grannies can does betters than that...if you don't pickers up the paces I will eaters that cookie myselfers...!!!"

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