Monday, 1 October 2012

Uglyworld #1696 - Specials Deliveries - (Project TW - Image 275-366)

Project T.W. - Image 275/366

Boy oh boys has I some biggers news to shares with you alls today!!!

Arounds a month ago I receivereds a space telemegram from Uglyworld where one of my distanter relamatives was livings out in the wildernesses fars away from all the cities and newer technologies.

It turners out that he had hearereds so much abouts earth that he wantereds to come and checkers it outs for himself and had writereds a letter askerings if he could get permissions to does so from the masters of the Uglyverse himselfer!

Almosts as soon as I had receivereds the telemegram I replied to him lettering him knows that there would always be a spares bed here in the cookie cave for him if he makereds any travellerings plans.

You can imaginers my surprisers when there was a knocker at the door this afternoons, and I openers the door to finds a deliveries driver from Fedexers who demandereds a ransom paid in sweeties to makers up for his lunch being eatereds on his way here!

Says hello to my cousiner, Kaiju Wage, todays specials specials that I even letters him borrows my new hat to keeps his nubbins warmers, and if that wasn't enough alreadies, I also gavers him his inaugurals cookie heres in the cookies cave...!!!

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