Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Uglyworld #1697 - Fanmails - (Project TW - Image 276-366)

Project T.W. - Image 276/366

Today I wents downstairs to checkers if we had any posts in our postsboxer and look what I findereds waiterings on me, some fanmails!

At firsts I wasn't too sures whether I should answers the questions of Amy P, who seems to have findereds out where our cookie cave is locatereds, but then I decidereds to shares my secreters with you alls.

So Amy, to keeps my skin lookings so orangey I eats loads of carroters, pumpkins, mangos, oranges, tangeriners, nectariners, turnipers, sweeters potatoes and also some peachers. Of course you can't just eaters so I washers these down with plenties of orangers juice and of course that famousers Scottish softs drinker, Irn-Bru.

By combinerings a selectioner of the aboves each day you will keeps your skin looking super duper orangey!

As for my softs skin, as you knows cream is always good to keepers your skin softs, so by applyerings my logics (which I wents to unimaversities to developers to it's fullers potentials), if you eaters certain types of cookies which containers cream, such as the tastiers custarder creams that I always pickers up when in the Uniteds Kingdomer, then you will has the softerests skin known to boths man and uglykind alikes.

I hopes that has answereds your questioners Amy!

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