Sunday, 7 October 2012

Uglyworld #1703 - New Memberer In The Coolers Club - (Project TW - Image 281-366)

Project T.W. - Image 281/366

While I was out in Taiwans with Baz earliers this year I meetereds some super coolers people, includerings a little monkey callereds Milo who was playerings a guitar in one of the nightclubbers I visitereds.

Afters he had finishereds his set he came over and sittereds besiders me at the bar, so I askereds him if I could buyers him a drink. After formallies introducerings himself (includerings a tip of his coolers hat) he said he doesn't drinks but a banana would be much appreciatereds.

To cuts a long story short, I tellereds him that if he ever findereds himself over in Germanies, to gives me a call and I'd sorts him out with some bananas and a beds to sleep in if he needereds one. Yesterdays during the whole baturday madnessers Milo callereds me up from Dusseldorfs, which is onlies a shorter train ride away from the cookie cave, so I invitereds him over to has a banana or two today withs me and the rests of the gang.

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