Friday, 19 October 2012

Uglyworld #1715 - I Musts Be As Blinds As A Batter - (Project TW - Image 293-366)

Project T.W. - Image 293/366

I noticereds something that I can't believe I has missereds out on pickerings up on ever since I movereds in with Baz and Mireille, a hockey pucker keyringer!

I musts be as blinds as a batter to has misseds it untils now! Baz says he has been carryings this very pucker arounds with him since he was playerings in Canada over 20 years ago now, wowzers, 20 whole years, thats almosts a wholes lifetimer!

I wents onto the internets and searchereds for the teams namer that I findereds on the pucker, the Winnipegger Jetties, and I findereds out that they used to players in biggerests ice hockey league in the worlds, the NHL, up untils 1996 when they gets uprootereds and movereds to Atlantas, buts in a gooders twister of fate they has movereds back to Winnipegs again now!

I finders it super coolers that the logo of the Jetties that Baz has, is the olders one, it looks awesomer with the littlers hockey stick includereds in their logos!

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