Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Uglyworld #1719 - Chilliers Front Approacherings - (Project TW - Image 297-366)

Project T.W. - Image 297/366

"Whats, reallies...!!!"

I is sures you all knows the feelings, sometimes you hears something and you wonders to yourselfer, "Did I really hears that, or justs dreamer it?".

Tonight was a primers exampler, I was justs minderings my own businesses, watcherings the telemavision, as you does, and the weathers forecaster comes on.

Now you has to realisers that we has hads betweens 20 and 25 centimagrades here in the lasts coupler of days, so when the craziers woman who lives insiders of the telemavision tellereds the world that it would goes below freezerings tomorrow nights and thats there is evens a chancer of snows this weekender, all I could says in responsers was "whats, reallies...!!!"

After pincherings myself to makes sure that I wasn't dreamerings, I thinkereds to myself that with this chilliers front approacherings I has comforters in knowings that the wooliers jumper Mireille knittereds for me over in Scotlands is ready and waiterings, so I went and tryereds it on to makes sure it still fittereds me perfectlies.

"Come ons earliers winter weathers, does your worsts, I is readies for you!!!"

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