Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Uglyworld #1726 - Woops-a-daisies - (Project TW - Image 304-366)

Project T.W. - Image 304/366

I was sitterings at home all on my lonesomes, relaxerings in fronts of the telemavision when suddenlies there was a knocker at the door. I debatereds for a coupler of seconds whether or nots I should gets up and see how it was, and decidereds that I couldn't riskers the chance of it beings some free cookie samplers!

It turnereds out to be the deliveries man from DHL, and he had a packager for Baz that I hads to signers for. You won't believers what happenereds next, but it reallies is the completes truth!

I was walkerings over to the livings room tabler to puts the packager down when all of a suddens I losereds my balancers and the packager flew ups into the air and backs down again. I was obviously concernereds that whatevers inside could be fragile, so I leapereds out and only managereds to grabs the packager by one little corners flap before it hittereds the ground.

The packager burstereds wide open and out flyereds a DVD, and somehows it landereds right insides of the DVD driver of Baz's xbox360, honestlies, this is exactlies how it happeneds!

I has been tryings to gets the DVD backs out again, but for some reasons the xbox360 just keeps making me racers cars against other ones time after time, true story, reads the book if you doesn't believers me!

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