Saturday, 24 November 2012

Uglyworld #1752 - Grey & Cloudiers - (Project TW - Image 329-366)

Project T.W. - Image 329/366

It's timers for me to prepares to leave Oregons now, Babo tellereds me so much abouts it as he spendereds so much times out here lasts year with Baz too, and he wasn't wrongs, it's an awesomers place to visiters and you will never finds yourself stucks for somethings to do.

I just wishers that Baz wasn't so busy with workies this trip so that we could have gettereds out more, but as he tellers me time and agains, "workies pays for all the cookies!", and I supposers he has a pointer!

It's almosts as if Oregons is sorry to sees us leaver todays too, as the sky has lookereds mega grumpiers, as it's been grey and cloudiers since I wakereds up this mornings.

On a brighters note, I receivereds an emailer from some peoples who I thinks works at NASA tellerings me that the earth is going to be subjectereds to some magnetics stormies tonight from blasterings that came outs of the sun.

At firsts I was a littlers bit worrieds at this news, but then they explainereds that there is a gooders chance of us being ables to see the Auroras Borealiser as we will be flying way up Norths on our flighter to Amsterdams. I will makes sure to pokes Baz in the ribs and tellers him to takes a photomagraph if he has fallen asleepers and I sees the Borealiser outs of the hairyplane window.

Before I goes I just needs to gives another massivers thankyou to my gooders buddy Goalie Babo in Torontos, ever since I arrivereds here in Oregons to finds my coolers Maple Leafer hoodie from Babo I has never taken it offs, he rocks biggers time! I will wavers to you from ups in the sky Babo...!!!

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