Monday, 31 December 2012

Uglyworld #1790 - A Kilted Farewell - (Project TW - Image 366-366)

Project T.W. - Image 366/366

I had to saves my newers outfitter speciallies for todays, as it's my finallers day travellerings the world withs Baz! Mireille really knockereds my Scottishers kilt, "bunnet" and plaid outs of the park, it fitters me perfectlies!

Many thanks everyone for joinings me in my tripper through the year 2012, I has had many laughs and jokers as well as seriouser moments, and I couldn't have gettereds through it all withouts every singler ones of you outs there in internets land encouragerings me day afters day!

Without furthers ado, it's times for me to singers a song from my gooders buddy, Frankie Sinatras...

And nows, the ends is here
And so I facers the final curtains
My friends, I'll says it clears
I'll staters my casers, of which I'm certains
I've livereds a life that's fuller
I travellereds each and every highwayer
And mores, much mores than this, I dids it my ways!

Regrets, I've hads a few
But then agains, too fews to mentioner
I dids what I hads to does and saw it throughs without exemptions
I plannered each chartereds course, each carefuls stepper alongs the byways
And mores, much mores than this, I dids it my ways!

Yes, there were timers, I'm sures you knew
When I bits off more cookie than I coulds chew
But throughs it all, whens there was doubts
I aters it up and spittereds it outs
I facered it alls and I stooders tall and dids it my ways!

I've loveds, I've laughereds and crieds
I've had my fills, my shares of losings
And nows, as tears subsides, I finds it all so amusings
To thinks I dids all that
And may I say, nots in a shy ways,
"Oh, no, oh, no, nots me, I dids it my ways"

For whats is an ugly, whats has he gots?
If nots himselfer, thens he has naughts
To says the things he truly feelers and nots the words of one who kneelers
The recorder shows I tooks the blows and dids it my way!

All the bests of wishes to you alls for 2013, I can't waiters to sees who will be accompanyerings Baz from tomorrows on!

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Uglyworld #1789 - For A Dearerests Friendly - (Project TW - Image 365-366)

Project T.W. - Image 365/366

Ever since myself, Babo and Jeero startereds up Hat Club a few years ago we has been havings a meetering at the starts of each month to discuss anything importanters that may requires us to showers up wearings our hats in an officiallers capacity.

It's not very oftens that we has to callers an emergencies meetering, but as the acterings chairman of Hat Club todays I had the unfortunaters job of callering Jeero and Babo in at shorters notice.

I receivereds word that one of who we uglies refers to as the foundings fathers had passereds away. The foundings fathers are basicallies a group of speciallers mens and womens who enablereds us to not only travellers from Uglyworld to Earth, but also givered us the abilities to lives here and be totallies acceptereds into normals daily life, not to mentions surroundering us with loves, hugs and cookies.

Wage: "I has callereds you here to gives you some badders news, one of our founding fathers has passereds away, without furthers ado can everyone please removers their hats"

*removal of hats*

All: "May the cookies liner the streets, until the nexts timer we meets!"

Wage: "And now, a minutes silences please"


p.s. Everyones here in the cookie cave is senderings our loves, hugs and cookies to her family in this toughers time!

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Uglyworld #1788 - Chuckanucka - (Project TW - Image 364-366)

Project T.W. - Image 364/366

As this is my thirds lasts day being the mains dude being photomagraphereds by Baz I was beginnings to feel a littlers bit sads at the prospecter of leadings a normallers life again here in the cookie cave, but then Tray came to my rescuers.

She had managereds to secures safe travellers to Earth for my gooders buddy Chuckanucka from Uglyworld, and he just arrivereds today from his longers journey!

Chuckanucka is a funniers little guy, he's always getterings into some kinds of mischiefers, so I thinks both Tray and me will has our handies full keeperings tabs on him!

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Uglyworld #1787 - Outs Of The Blues - (Project TW - Image 363-366)

Project T.W. - Image 363/366

I was sittings playerings callers of duties on the xboxer this afternoons when I suddenly hearereds someone sayings "psssst" in the rooms.

I knewereds that Baz and Mireille were both outs for the day so I was beginnerings to get a littlers bit worrieds incasers someone had breakereds in to steals my xmasers presents!

Eventuallies I trackereds the sources of the noise to a littlers house which sits in the livingsroomer of our cookie cave, and who dids I find standerings outsiders the fronts door, none others than Santa!

He askereds me if I had enjoyereds my xmasers presents this year, to which I replieds to him that they were all perfecters, and that I was super mega happy that he and his elfers had managereds to sorts them all outs for me.

Then, completes out of the blue he askereds me to comes a littlers bit closer and saids, "Wage, as you have been so good all year, would you like to have all the leftover cookies from my deliveries this year?".

Wowzers, how could I says no to such an offerer, of course I jumpereds at the chancers, hopefullies Santa will deliverers them to me soon, before he goes off for his hibernationers until nexts xmaser!

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Uglyworld #1786 - Xmas Cards From Internets Land - (Project TW - Image 362-366)

Project T.W. - Image 362/366

Earliers on in Decembers me and Babo makereds up and sendereds a piler of xmas carders to our friendlies that lives in internets land, and we were overs the moon to gets some back from our friendlies too.

Our gooders buddy Sidd sendereds us a super coolers card with a ginger breaders houser with giants chocolate covereds cookies for the pathways! Uglydog posereds with his xmasers antlers on for our card from Charlottes, and Brandi drawereds a mega super awesomers version of a photo of me and Babo when we was makerings the tablers decomarations for the cookie cave!

Thanks you all very muchers for senderings us cards, we senders Doug down to the postsboxer every singles morning to checks if any more has arrivereds, but he sometimes gets distractereds by the postswoman, who normally enders up getting chasereds up the street by Doug!

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Uglyworld #1785 - Boxing Days Dinnerers Idea - (Project TW - Image 361-366)

Project T.W. - Image 361/366

It seemers like we has been eaterings turkeys for days now, so you can imaginers my excitementers when Tray suggestereds that we throws a pizza in the ovener for tonights dinnerers!

How could I resists a super easiers and mega tastiers snackeroonie!

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Uglyworld #1784 - Rubix Cube Solverings Roboter - (Project TW - Image 360-366)

Project T.W. - Image 360/366

Santa leavereds me a littlers noter that he was unable to fulfills the final item on my xmas wishlister which was "happy facers for Tray", he tellereds me in his noter that only I can makers that happens, oh ohs, I is in troublers if that is the casers!

Santa wents on to say that he findereds me a substituters present insteads, a legos kitter, and not just any legos kitter, one withs a roboter brain!

Baz and Mireille helpereds me to builds this craziers contraption behinds me, which they tellereds me would be ables to solver a rubix cube, like comes on, how can legos magicallies turn intos a rubix cube solverings roboter? I thinks someone has been drinkerings too many mulleds winers!

I decidereds to plays along with them for funs anyhows, and makereds sure that I hads some super tastier waffler cookies to munchers on while they tries to shows me that they has a super smarters roboter livings with us now!

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Uglyworld #1783 - Xmas Cookies & Cream - (Project TW - Image 359-366)

Project T.W. - Image 359/366

Merry xmasers everyone, as our cookie cave is in Germanies we is already celemabratings xmasers today, on xmasers eve, so we is all openings up our presenters now!

Checkers out what I gets from Tray, cookies and cream flavoureds chocomolate, I can't waits to see if it really does makes your tummy yummy!

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Uglyworld #1782 - Xmasers Pancakers & Syrups - (Project TW - Image 358-366)

Project T.W. - Image 358/366

With it beings the final Sundays before xmasers day, myself and Tray wantereds to makes a super coolers breakfaster for everyone in the cookie cave (not justs the humans that lives here I may adds!).

We contemplatereds what we could makers for them, and then Tray showeds me that Baz's brother had bringereds a wholes new bottler of maples syrups with him, so we decidereds that we hads to makes pancakers & syrups.

We knows that the cookie cave is fulls of hungrier mouths, so we makereds sure that there was a massivers pile of pancakers sitting on the tabler when we wakereds everyone up! The facts that we were boths wearing our Torontos Maple Leafers hoodies, only makereds the maple syrups taste even betters!

We hopes you all has your christmasers prezzies readies to give outs to everyone in the next coupler of days, whethers you does this on the evenings of the 24th likes we does here in Germanies, or on the mornings of the 25th likes Baz used to does in Scotlands, eithers way, you WILL gets prezzies, woohoo!

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Uglyworld #1781 - Ugly Xmas Photo 2012

Hi's everyone, is me Wage here, I has been the masters of ceremonies for our annuals xmas family photo, so withouts further ado here's the ever growerings list of ugly guys involved in makerings this photomagraph!

3" Action Figures Series 1

Orange Wage
Red Wage
Yellow Jeero
Green Jeero (x2)
Light Blue Ice-Bat
Dark Blue Ice-Bat
Pink Ox
Green Ox
Pink Wedgehead
Blue Wedgehead
Purple Babo (x2)
Blue Babo

3" Action Figures Series 2

White Peaco (x2)
Pink Peaco (x2)
Blue Uglyworm (x2)
Green Uglyworm (x2)
Grey Poe (x2)
Green Poe (x2)
Purple Trunko (x2)
Yellow Trunko (x2)
Blue Big Toe (x2)
Black Big Toe (x2)
Orange Uglydog (x2)
Red Uglydog (x2)

3" Action Figures Series 3

Blue Ket
Pink Ket
Red Kaiju Ice-Bat
Blue Kaiju Ice-Bat
Brown Nandy Bear
Yellow Nandy Bear
Pink Babo's Bird
Blue Babo's Bird
Mustard Ninja Batty Shogun
Black Ninja Batty Shogun
Purple Pointy Max
Green Point Max

3" Glow In The Dark Ice-Bat's

Purple GID Ice-Bat
Clear GID Ice-Bat
Blue GID Ice-Bat
Yellow GID Ice-Bat (x2)
Green GID Ice-Bat (x2)
Orange GID Ice-Bat (x2)


Wage (x3)
Babo (x3)
Tray (x2)
Jeero (x2)
Cinko (x3)
Target (x2)
Ice-Bat (x2)
Wedgehead (x2)
Ox (x2)
Uglydog (Magenta & Red 2-Pack Set - Edition of 50)
Uglydog (Magenta - Signed Artist Proof - Slightly Larger Size)
Sleepy Chilly Ice-Bat (Clear - Edition of 50)
Lost His Cool Ice-Bat (Red - Edition of 50)
Winter Glow Ice-Bat (Glow in Dark - Edition of 50)


Clear Blue Ice-Bat (Edition of 200)
Clear Red Ice-Bat
Solid Blue Ice-Bat
Black/Blue Ice-Bat
Clear Orange Wage (Edition of 200)
Solid Orange Wage
Clear Green Wage (Edition of 100)
Solid Green Wage
Blue/Silver Babo with Cookie Bakery Building (Edition of 150)
Black/Blue Babo with Cookie Bakery Building
Bossy Bear (Pink)
Bossy Bear (Blue)
Bossy Bear (Night Stomp edition)
Bossy Bear (Day Stomp edition)
Bossy Bear (Toxic Stomp edition)
Bossy Bear (Black DIY)
Chupacabra (Clear Blue)
Chupacabra (Clear Pink)
Chupacabra (Clear Green)
Mini Uma set (Red/Orange/Yellow)

Choco & Minty

Choco (Honey Bee - Edition of 500)
Choco (Pink Preview Exclusive - Edition of 500)
Choco (Glow In The Dark - Edition of 300)
Choco (Green Xmas - Artoyz Exclusive - Edition of 350)
Choco (Snoco - Yoyamart Exclusive - White/Pink - Edition of 250)
Choco (Brown)
Minty (Honey Bee - Edition of 500)
Minty (Blue Preview Exclusive - Edition of 500)
Minty (Glow In The Dark - Edition of 300)
Minty (Yoyamart Exclusive - Black - Edition of 250)
Minty (Green - Edition of 500)


Yellow Little Yoya/Monster (x2) (Edition of 500)
Brown Little Yoya (Edition of 500)


8" Ham Slammer (2 faced Qee - Edition of 500)
8" Grass Nut Bear (Club2R version - Edition of 200)
8" Hot Nut Bear (Retail version - Edition of 400)
8" Gel 3.0 (Green Version - Edition of 500)
8" Spider Boom (Black Version - Edition of 500)
8" Spider Boom (Pink Version - Edition of 200)
2" MonQee of David
2" MonQee of Sun-Min (x2 different Versions)

Spider Boom

Daisy Boom
Cheesy Boom
Chef Spider Boom
Binga Boom
Choco Boom
Creamy Boom
Whippy Boom
Softy Boom
Cherry Boom
Sprinkle Boom
Melon Boom
Apple Boom
Flocked Chef Spider Boom (x2)
Glow in Dark Chef Spider Boom

Bossy Bear & Friends

Bossy Bear (Blue Standard 5")
Bossy Bear (Blue 250% Size 12")
Bossy Bear (Orange Standard 5")
Bossy Bear (Black Standard 5")
Bossy Bear (King Bossy White Flocked 5")
King Turtle (Green 250% Size 7.5")
Turtle (Light Green 3.5")
Turtle (Milk & Cookies Guardian Edition Dark Green 3.5" - Edition of 200)
Turtle (Lemony Fresh Special Edition 3.5" - Edition of 300)
Crocadoca (Standard 5")
Crocodoca Blue-White (DIY)
Crocadoca Green-Blue (DIY)
Crocadoca Pink-Green (DIY)
Crocadoca Yellow-Pink (DIY)
Crocadoca White-Yellow (DIY)

My Friend Dave

My Friend Dave (Green Giant Robot Edition - Edition of 50)
My Friend Dave (Pink)
My Friend Dave (Glow In The Dark)

Power Mister

Power Mister (Green Super 7 Edition)
Power Mister (Red)
Power Mister (Rainbow clear)
Power Mister (Blue/Silver)
Power Mister (Glow In The Dark Version 1)
Power Mister (Glow In The Dark Version 2)


Bearbrick Wage (x2)
Bearbrick Babo
Bearbrick Ox
Bearbrick Ice-Bat
Bearbrick Trunko


Gel (Light Green)
Sunny Minus (Blue Shirt)
Go (White Shirt)
Noupa (Belt Version)
Security Monkey
Water Dog
Sunny's Gel
Super 7.5 Robot
Hero Noupa
Maker D
Made Man
Maker S
God Noupa (Plugin Hollywood Toycon Exclusive - Edition of 100)
Ultra Noupa (Plugin Hollywood Toycon Exclusive - Edition of 100)
Noupa Man (Plugin Hollywood Toycon Exclusive - Edition of 100)


10" Noupa Bad Guy Evil Robo (Edition of 200)
3" Greedy Pilot (Edition of 200)
3" Noupa Frozen Solid Security Monkey (Edition of 500)
3" Noupa Battle Damage Action Set 3-Pack


3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Secret?
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Super 7.5 Robot
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Brad Luck
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Duck DX
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Bunky

3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Minus
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Mademan
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Mabus
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Wonda
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Gel
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Helpy
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Zoltan

8" Eggdrop Blue
8" Eggrop Green
8" Little Inky Blue
8" Little Inky Brown
8" Mothman (Fake from Japan)

Funko Pop!

Orange Wage
Blue Ice-Bat
Green Ox
Purple Babo
Black Ninja Batty Shogun
Black Wage (Limited Edition)
Purple Ox (Limited Edition)
White Ice-Bat (Limited Edition)
Red Ninja Batty Shogun (Limited Edition)


Blue Trunko
Pink Trunko
Pink Ox
Green Ox
Pink Peaco
Orange Peaco
Green Big Toe
Blue Big Toe
Blue Ice-Bat
Red Ice-Bat
Red Babo
Blue Babo

In totals we has over 240 uglies livings here now in the cookie cave, and the photomagraph aboves may not looks like too many uglies is involvereds but what you doesn't sees is that from fronts to backs they takereds up around 1.5 metres (which is arounds 5 feeties)!!!


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Uglyworld #1780 - Masters Of Ceremonies - (Project TW - Image 357-366)

Project T.W. - Image 357/366

Today I hads what is probablies the mosts importanters job of my wholes year in fronts of the cameramera, to be the masters of ceremonies for the traditionalers ugly xmas photo!

Trying to gets a handfull of uglies to behaves and gets into line is ones thing, buts in my case today, I hads to organisers over 200 of them!

Hopefullies I can gets everyone all sortereds out so that I can shares the final family xmas photomagraph lives and directs from the cookie cave withs you all befores the end of tonights!

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Uglyworld #1779 - Monschauers Daytripper - (Project TW - Image 356-366)

Project T.W. - Image 356/366

Justs when I thinkereds that my days of travellerings with Baz was over, he springereds some lasts minute travellerings on me, mainlies due to his mums and brothers being over from the Uniteds Kingdomer for xmasers.

Yesterdays we visitereds Koln to checkers out the xmasers markets, and todays we jumpereds into the car and headereds down to Monschau which is a smallers little village but checkers out the stylers of the houses there, they looks super coolers!

I wonders what else Baz has in stores for my finallers 10 days, he seems to be fulls of surprisers now that he is offs work for the rests of the year, maybies I can convincers him to extenders my year a littlers bit longerer, what does you reckons?

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Uglyworld #1778 - Xmasers Beer Selectioners - (Project TW - Image 355-366)

Project T.W. - Image 355/366

When I vistereds the Isle of Skye with Baz and Mireille backs in Septembers, I stockereds up on beers for us to has rights now, at xmasers time!

I has a wholes crater of Isle of Skye beers for everyone to tries, but you can takes your eyes off of the Ardmores Beastie, that one I has markereds up to has myselfer on new years eve!

So, which ones does you want to tries, you getters only one, so be quickers with your chooserings!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Uglyworld #1777 - Letterers From Goalie Babo - (Project TW - Image 354-366)

Project T.W. - Image 354/366

This mornings when the postsman arrivereds he hads a letterer addressereds to me alls the way from Canadas!

My gooders buddy goalie Babo sendereds me some more super coolers Toronto Maple Leafs goodies for Christmasers, and by the sounders of it he's been practicerings his ice hockey skillers for when I finally getters to trains with him somedays!

Hopefullies he will has his own goalie pads by the times that we getters to train togethers, then I will be able to rips some of my harderests slap shots to sees how good he really is.

My new hoodie is so super softs and fitters me perfectlies, mega bigs thank you Babo alls the way from the Cookie Cave!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Uglyworld #1776 - Technicals Support - (Project TW - Image 353-366)

Project T.W. - Image 353/366

This morning I had settereds my alarm super mega earlies to makes sure that I was the firsts person awakers in the cookie cave, as I hads to make sure that there was some actions going on withs my xmaser tree seeds!

Unfortunatelies when I checkereds out their growerings tub there was still no signs of lifers, I sittereds there for a coupler of minutes to gatherers my composures and then I hads a brainwaver, perhaps there is companies who specialisers in this kinds of thingies?

I grabbereds the yellowers pages and began searcherings for something suitables, nothing listereds under "cookie cave problemers", and just as much luckers with "stucks in a big pilers of poostickers".

I was almosts ready to givers up hope, and as I droppereds the yellowers pages onto the floor it floppereds open at a page with a biggers advertisersment inside, which readereds "Elfs Incorporated, all xmas problems solved".

I pickereds up the phone and diallereds their telemaphones number, and afters a coupler of rings someone pickereds up:-

Elf: "Elfs Incorporated, how may I direct your xmas dilemma"
Wage: "Hi's there, I has a problem withs a xmas tree!"
Elf: "Hold the line please"

*xmas music plays*

Xmas Tree Elf: "Hi there, you're through to the xmas tree tech support line, what seems to be the trouble?"
Wage: "Hi's there, I buyereds three magics seeds from a man at a locals supermarketer and they doesn't produce xmasers trees yet!"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Hmm, are you sure you really bought xmas tree seeds?"
Wage: "Definitelies, the guy tellereds me they was!"
Xmas Tree Elf: "OK, assuming they are, have you watered them?"
Wage: "Yes, nots too much and nots too little, just enoughs"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Does their growing area get some sunlight?"
Wage: "Yes, earliers in the morning and then agains in the late afternoons"
Xmas Tree Elf: "This does indeed sound like a tricky one, I need to consult my handbook, can you hold the line for a minute?"
Wage: "No problems"

*xmas music plays*

Xmas Tree Elf: "Hi Wage, sorry to keep you, have you tried talking to the seeds yet?"
Wage: "No, should I does this, will I not looks like a mentaller?"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Quite the contrary Wage, sometimes the seeds need to hear a friendly voice"
Wage: "Oh, I sees, should I tellers them anythings specialler?"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Just tell them what you would like to hear if your roles were reversed"
Wage: "OK, I will gives it a try, thanks you very much for your helpers!"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Have a merry xmas Wage"
Wage: "You toos!"

I wandereds over to the growerings tub and talkereds to the seeds about how tastiers the cookies are at xmas timers, and abouts all the fun and games everyone has. Within seconds I hads a massivers xmaser tree towerings in front of me, alls thanks to that technicals support elf. All I hads to do then was to dressers it up all perfectlies with lighters and baubles before everyone else wakereds up, jobs done!

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Uglyworld #1775 - Smokies & Mirrorers - (Project TW - Image 352-366)

Project T.W. - Image 352/366

Withs the whole fiascos surroundering my xmasers tree purchases I has had to resorts to a biggerers dose of smokies and mirrorers to takes the attentions away from the misserings tree.

I tellereds Mireille and Baz that there was no ways in the worlder that I would be bringerings the xmaser tree into the cookie cave untils we had makereds sure that we had all of the xmasers decomarations out, checkereds and lookering spicks and spans ready to be putters onto the xmaser tree.

It seems to be workerings, Mireille just keeps going "woooow" everytime she finders something that she had forgettereds about since lasts xmaser, and Baz is too busies cleanerings up all of the baubles to thinks of anythings else.

Hopefullies my xmaser trees will finallies begin to growers tonight, as there is only so much smokies and mirrorers I can pullers off...!!!

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Uglyworld #1774 - Houstons We Has A Problemer - (Project TW - Image 351-366)

Project T.W. - Image 351/366

"Houstons we has a problemer!"

I wakereds up super earlies this morning to goes outside and sees just how biggers the 3 xmaser trees had growered overnighters, and well, to puts it plainers and simplers, I findereds nothing, nada, diddly squatters!

I doesn't quite undermastands it, the guy who sellereds them to me had a gooders reputationer, afters all, everyone knowers the stories about Jacks and the beanstalker!

Hmmm, maybies I gets took for a fools, I usually can sees rights through con-arterists, but maybies this time I got completelies rippered off!?!

Oh noes, I just realisereds something, how is I going to explainers to Baz that I blowereds all his harders earnered monies on a trio of poostickers?

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Uglyworld #1773 - Xmas Tree Shopperings - (Project TW - Image 350-366)

Project T.W. - Image 350/366

This morning Baz handereds me a biggers pile of moneys and tellereds me that I was responsiblers for finderings and buyerings the xmaser tree for the cookie cave this year, and that I hads to spenders the money wiselies.

I askereds Mireille where the bests places to goes and lookers for them was, and she tellereds me that the locals gardener centres, farmers shoppies and also supermarketers would be a gooders place to looks.

As we has a supermarketer not fars from the cookie cave I decidereds to goes there firsts, and after askerings some of the peoples shoppering there where I could finds the xmas trees I was shown these littler guys by one person that I thinkereds was a littlers bit shiftiers looking at firsts.

I askereds the man why these xmas trees was so smallers, and he tellereds me that they is xmas tree seeds, and that they is speciallies makered to be plantered in the grounds and then one of the biggerests xmas trees you has ever seen will poppers out right in fronts of your eyes! I was super excitereds when he tellereds me that he was the person who sellereds the magic beans to that famousers guy Jack toos, what are the chancers...!!!

I wondereds if the biggers pile of monies I had would be enoughs to pays for one of these amazerings xmas trees, so I was completelies shockered when he tellereds me I could takes three of them in exchange for all the monies I had in my pocketer.

I thinks Mireille and Baz is going to be super impressereds when they wakers up to finds 3 massivers xmas trees tomorrow morning, I can't waits to sees their faces!

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Uglyworld #1772 - That Didn't Workies - (Project TW - Image 349-366)

Project T.W. - Image 349/366

Sometimes I thinks that some of you outs there in internets land can reads my mind, as my gooders buddy Tim suggestereds that Febreeze might does the trick on my smelliers hat. Littles did he knows that I alreadies had hatchereds a plan to tries justs that to rectimafy the situationer!

Unfortunatelies even with the bests wills in the world and a fulls bottler of Febreeze at my disposals my hat is still stinkiers after emptierings arounds half the bottler, so I thinks I has no options but to hands it over to Mireille for a proper washering.

p.s. Baz teachereds me to holds my breath for a longers time, that's been the only way that I can holds the hat in my hands!

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Uglyworld #1771 - Stinkiers Equals Crosseyereds - (Project TW - Image 348-366)

Project T.W. - Image 348/366

Boths Mireille and Baz had passereds comments on my hat smellerings a littler bits bad in the lasts coupler of days, so today while I had nothings better to does I decidereds to has a goods sniffer of it myselfs to workers out what all the fussers was abouts!


Oh my gods, the smellyness has makereds me go crosseyereds, I thinks I had better gets my hat washereds after all, but more importantlies I thinks I need to goes and has a lies downer!

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Uglyworld #1770 - Findereds It! - (Project TW - Image 347-366)

Project T.W. - Image 347/366

After lots more searcherings I finally findereds what the remotes controller was for, it would appears that Bossy had ordereds some moods lightering for his spot here in the cookie cave.

I musts admitters, it looks pretty damn awesomers too!

Bossy: "MINE...!!!"

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Uglyworld #1769 - In Completes Controller - (Project TW - Image 346-366)

Project T.W. - Image 346/366

Today Baz handereds me this remotes controller unit and tellereds me that it I will be in completes controller of his new projecter once he finishers it.

Needlessers to say I has been walkerings around the entire cookie cave pointerings the remotes controller at everythings I can thinkers of and unfortunatelies I gets no reactioners.

I guess I will just has to be patienters until Baz revealers what it is useds for!

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Uglyworld #1768 - Desks Calendars - (Project TW - Image 345-366)

Project T.W. - Image 345/366

While sittings on the couch watcherings the telemavision my eyes were pullereds away from the actions over to our desks calendar which sits on our livings room tabler.

It has a differents imager for every singles weeker, and sometimes when an imagers likes the one for this week shows up I just finders myself mesmerisereds by the photo and wonders how Baz makereds it look so coolers?

He tellereds me that this particulars photo was shootereds up in the North Cascaders mountains in Washingtons Stater, where the waters runs down from the glaciers makerings it this amazerings colour!

All this talks of travellerings has makereds me realise that withs only 21 daysies left to goes, I probably won't be doing any more biggers travellers this year, but I can't be too sads as I gettered to sees so many coolers places in 2012's!

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Uglyworld #1767 - Preventive Maintenancers - (Project TW - Image 344-366)

Project T.W. - Image 344/366

When Baz handereds me over my new sledger he warnereds me that it was entirelies up to me to keeps it in gooders working orders, and he suggestereds that I makers up a preventive maintenancers plan to makes sure it doesn't fallers apart right underneaths me.

While I was cleanerings it up tonights I had the brainswaver to try waxering up the runners, as then it will hopefullies make me be able to goes even fasters next time!

I is not too sures just how much waxers I should use though...

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Uglyworld #1766 - Sledgerings Fun - (Project TW - Image 343-366)

Project T.W. - Image 343/366

Finallies, after all of the waiterings for a gooders dustering of snow outsides I was able to finally unleashers my brands new sledger today!

Oh my gods is it gooders fun, and I thinks Baz greasereds up the runnerers as it's so fasts that it almosts managers to scares the crappers out of me!

I is now hopings that we will has snow right ups to and through the christmasers holimadays, as sledgering is so much funs!

Times to go and tries to goes even fasters, ones, twos, threes, whhheeeeeeeeeeee...

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Uglyworld #1765 - Thumb Lickerings Madness - (Project TW - Image 342-366)

Project T.W. - Image 342/366

I has been pesterings Baz all evenings to agrees to takes me out sledgerings tomorrow if the snow is still lyerings on the grounds, but everytime I askers him if the snow will still be there he lickers his thumb and sticks it up in the air, followereds by a verbals "maybe".

I doesn't quite undermastands his thumb lickerings madness, I even givereds it a go myself, but all I endereds up with was a soggiers thumb!

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Uglyworld #1764 - Super Duper Sledger - (Project TW - Image 341-366)

Project T.W. - Image 341/366

This mornings I wents out and postereds my xmas wishlister to the Norths Pole, hopefullies it will reachers Santa in times to sorters me out with everything I has askereds for on Christmasers morning!

After I arrivereds back at the cookie cave it snowereds and snowereds, and I really wantereds to go out and players in it, but Mireille told me I would catchers a cold.

Once Baz arrivereds home from work I askereds him if he would be so nicers to buys me a sledger, so that I could go zipperings down the snow covered hills. To my amazersment Baz made another suggestions, insteads of buyerings one, why don't we makers one togethers!

All I can says is wowzers, I knowereds that Baz was an engineers, but I didn't realiser that he could makes sledgers in his spare timers! After we buyereds the wood, he even lettereds me builder it alls together, of course he kept a closers eye out on how I was doings the whole time!

All I needs now is a fresh dustering of snows, and then I can gets out and testers my home mades super duper sledger!

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Uglyworld #1763 - Xmas Wishlister - (Project TW - Image 340-366)

Project T.W. - Image 340/366

After makerings sure my pencils was super sharpers I writereds my xmas wishlister for Santa this evenings, I hopes you will all keepers your fingers crossereds for me that he bringers me all the goodies that I has askereds for!

I just needs to puts it into an enveloper now and posters it off to Santa at the Norths Pole.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Uglyworld #1762 - Pencil Sharpenings - (Project TW - Image 339-366)

Project T.W. - Image 339/366

While watcherings telemavision tonights I was remindereds of something so crazily importanters that I is amazereds that I didn't thinkers of it befores now, I hasn't writereds my letters to Santa yets!

I knows it must sounds inconceivamables that I could forgetters such an importanters task untils now, but at leasts I has remembereds before it's too lates!

As I can't risks my letter arriverings late in the postboxer of Santa at the Norths Pole with poopers writings, I sharpenereds my pencil this evenings to ensurers that my handwriterings will be perfectlies legimable!

All that is lefts for me to does now is thinks of what I wishes Santa to bringers me...

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Uglyworld #1761 - Finders Keepers - (Project TW - Image 338-366)

Project T.W. - Image 338/366

Baz dozereds off tonight while workings on a new projecter he has been doings, and while checkerings that he wasn't droolering on the keyboarder I noticereds what looks to be a tastiers snack lyings on his desker.

I don't knows about you alls, but to me I thinks the "finders keepers" rule comes into effects here!

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Uglyworld #1760 - Christmasers Decomaratings - (Project TW - Image 337-366)

Project T.W. - Image 337/366

As todays is the firsts Sunday in Decembers, me and my gooders buddy Babo has been hards at workies doing some Christmasers decomaratings, and we is justs putings the finishering touches to our mains tablers decomarations.

I am beginnings to wonder if we should be doings this kind of decomaratings as a fulls timer job, as we seems to have nailereds it biggers time!

Justs a littlers bit of tinsels and a whiters star to finishers it off!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Uglyworld #1759 - Goods Old Saturdays - (Project TW - Image 336-366)

Project T.W. - Image 336/366

After ridderings the cookie cave of an annoying skeeter that was buggings me and Tray lasts nighter, I was fearings the worst as one day of my weekends recently has been renamereds as Baturday, followereds by Ice-Bat getterings up to some craziers antics!

Thankfullies tonight I can officiallies report that today was a goods old Saturdays once again, not a skeeter or bat in sights, that deservers a doublers thumb ups!

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