Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Uglyworld #1776 - Technicals Support - (Project TW - Image 353-366)

Project T.W. - Image 353/366

This morning I had settereds my alarm super mega earlies to makes sure that I was the firsts person awakers in the cookie cave, as I hads to make sure that there was some actions going on withs my xmaser tree seeds!

Unfortunatelies when I checkereds out their growerings tub there was still no signs of lifers, I sittereds there for a coupler of minutes to gatherers my composures and then I hads a brainwaver, perhaps there is companies who specialisers in this kinds of thingies?

I grabbereds the yellowers pages and began searcherings for something suitables, nothing listereds under "cookie cave problemers", and just as much luckers with "stucks in a big pilers of poostickers".

I was almosts ready to givers up hope, and as I droppereds the yellowers pages onto the floor it floppereds open at a page with a biggers advertisersment inside, which readereds "Elfs Incorporated, all xmas problems solved".

I pickereds up the phone and diallereds their telemaphones number, and afters a coupler of rings someone pickereds up:-

Elf: "Elfs Incorporated, how may I direct your xmas dilemma"
Wage: "Hi's there, I has a problem withs a xmas tree!"
Elf: "Hold the line please"

*xmas music plays*

Xmas Tree Elf: "Hi there, you're through to the xmas tree tech support line, what seems to be the trouble?"
Wage: "Hi's there, I buyereds three magics seeds from a man at a locals supermarketer and they doesn't produce xmasers trees yet!"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Hmm, are you sure you really bought xmas tree seeds?"
Wage: "Definitelies, the guy tellereds me they was!"
Xmas Tree Elf: "OK, assuming they are, have you watered them?"
Wage: "Yes, nots too much and nots too little, just enoughs"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Does their growing area get some sunlight?"
Wage: "Yes, earliers in the morning and then agains in the late afternoons"
Xmas Tree Elf: "This does indeed sound like a tricky one, I need to consult my handbook, can you hold the line for a minute?"
Wage: "No problems"

*xmas music plays*

Xmas Tree Elf: "Hi Wage, sorry to keep you, have you tried talking to the seeds yet?"
Wage: "No, should I does this, will I not looks like a mentaller?"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Quite the contrary Wage, sometimes the seeds need to hear a friendly voice"
Wage: "Oh, I sees, should I tellers them anythings specialler?"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Just tell them what you would like to hear if your roles were reversed"
Wage: "OK, I will gives it a try, thanks you very much for your helpers!"
Xmas Tree Elf: "Have a merry xmas Wage"
Wage: "You toos!"

I wandereds over to the growerings tub and talkereds to the seeds about how tastiers the cookies are at xmas timers, and abouts all the fun and games everyone has. Within seconds I hads a massivers xmaser tree towerings in front of me, alls thanks to that technicals support elf. All I hads to do then was to dressers it up all perfectlies with lighters and baubles before everyone else wakereds up, jobs done!

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