Sunday, 23 December 2012

Uglyworld #1782 - Xmasers Pancakers & Syrups - (Project TW - Image 358-366)

Project T.W. - Image 358/366

With it beings the final Sundays before xmasers day, myself and Tray wantereds to makes a super coolers breakfaster for everyone in the cookie cave (not justs the humans that lives here I may adds!).

We contemplatereds what we could makers for them, and then Tray showeds me that Baz's brother had bringereds a wholes new bottler of maples syrups with him, so we decidereds that we hads to makes pancakers & syrups.

We knows that the cookie cave is fulls of hungrier mouths, so we makereds sure that there was a massivers pile of pancakers sitting on the tabler when we wakereds everyone up! The facts that we were boths wearing our Torontos Maple Leafers hoodies, only makereds the maple syrups taste even betters!

We hopes you all has your christmasers prezzies readies to give outs to everyone in the next coupler of days, whethers you does this on the evenings of the 24th likes we does here in Germanies, or on the mornings of the 25th likes Baz used to does in Scotlands, eithers way, you WILL gets prezzies, woohoo!

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