Monday, 31 December 2012

Uglyworld #1790 - A Kilted Farewell - (Project TW - Image 366-366)

Project T.W. - Image 366/366

I had to saves my newers outfitter speciallies for todays, as it's my finallers day travellerings the world withs Baz! Mireille really knockereds my Scottishers kilt, "bunnet" and plaid outs of the park, it fitters me perfectlies!

Many thanks everyone for joinings me in my tripper through the year 2012, I has had many laughs and jokers as well as seriouser moments, and I couldn't have gettereds through it all withouts every singler ones of you outs there in internets land encouragerings me day afters day!

Without furthers ado, it's times for me to singers a song from my gooders buddy, Frankie Sinatras...

And nows, the ends is here
And so I facers the final curtains
My friends, I'll says it clears
I'll staters my casers, of which I'm certains
I've livereds a life that's fuller
I travellereds each and every highwayer
And mores, much mores than this, I dids it my ways!

Regrets, I've hads a few
But then agains, too fews to mentioner
I dids what I hads to does and saw it throughs without exemptions
I plannered each chartereds course, each carefuls stepper alongs the byways
And mores, much mores than this, I dids it my ways!

Yes, there were timers, I'm sures you knew
When I bits off more cookie than I coulds chew
But throughs it all, whens there was doubts
I aters it up and spittereds it outs
I facered it alls and I stooders tall and dids it my ways!

I've loveds, I've laughereds and crieds
I've had my fills, my shares of losings
And nows, as tears subsides, I finds it all so amusings
To thinks I dids all that
And may I say, nots in a shy ways,
"Oh, no, oh, no, nots me, I dids it my ways"

For whats is an ugly, whats has he gots?
If nots himselfer, thens he has naughts
To says the things he truly feelers and nots the words of one who kneelers
The recorder shows I tooks the blows and dids it my way!

All the bests of wishes to you alls for 2013, I can't waiters to sees who will be accompanyerings Baz from tomorrows on!

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