Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Uglyworld #1791 - It's Cinko Time! - (Project Cinko Time - Image 1-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 1/365

Hi's there everyone, it's Cinko here, lives and directers from the Cookie Cave kickerings off my new projecter which I has decidereds to calls "Cinko Time".

After the stormerings displays by my gooders buddies Babo and Wage in the lasts coupler of years they suggestereds to me that I woulds be the perfecters candimadate to takes over the jobber of entermatainings you all during 2013.

At firsts I wasn't too sures of the suggestioner as I is the youngerests ugly of alls, that was untils Babo tellereds me that whoever makers it rights through the whole year gets a massivers pile of cookies to munchers on all by themselves at the ends of the year!

I hopes you will enjoyers the funs and madnessers that I will gets up to durings the year whethers it be heres in the cookie cave or somewehere elsers in the worlds. I promisers you alls that I will does my bests to makes it as much funs as possiblers for everyone!

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