Friday, 18 January 2013

Uglyworld #1809 - Fridays Night Funs - (Project Cinko Time - Image 18-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 18/365

As I expectereds we endereds up getting stuckereds in Plymouths for an extra day, all dues to the massivers amount of snows which fallers and makers the roads packereds to burstering with complete mentallers!

I knows that Baz would be sads at not getterings home, so I devisereds a plan to has some Friday night fun!

It all kickereds off with us visiterings my gooders buddies Frankie & Benny for dinnerers, and justs as Baz had finishereds his mains courser I signallereds to the waitresser who dimmereds the lights and then everyone singereds happy birthdays to Baz, and the bestesters bit, it isn't even his birthdays, hilariousers stuff!

To makers the evening completes I even scoreds a new pair of special sockers for Baz, as you obviouslies can't has a birthdayer withouts a birthdayers presenter!

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