Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Uglyworld #1835 - The Importances Of Having Gooders Backups - (Project Cinko Time - Image 44-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 44/365

With Baz being in beds sick I has had to takes matters of life and deaths into my own handies for a change, as he normally providers us all with foods and drinkies to keeps us going, but rights now we is in shorts supplies.

I tooks myself over to what Baz refers to as the "wrongs side of the street" this afternoons and scoreds me some tasty lickeroonies from some guys calleds Chupachup or somethings like that.

Littles did I knows that this craziers dude is a gangsterer with a households name in Mexicos, well I supposes I doesn't lives in Mexicos so how should I have knowns this!

Anyways, he comes bursterings into the cookie cave tonight threatenings to takes me to the cleanerers for stealings his goodies, cleanerers ha ha, me, no chancers, I is a low downs dirty mofo, I don't does cleanerers, whatevers the words mofo means!

Thankfullies I was fortunates enough to prepares for such a situationer, as my gooders buddy who goes by the streets name "Specials KW" was in the rights placer at the rights time to tells Mr Chupachup to backs up offs me befores he does somethings he will regrets.

Fistbumpers on the house for Special KW tonights, I just hopes that I never gets on his wrong sides, he is proper scariers, when he was givings Mr Chupachup whats for I almosts did a numbers two myself and I is battings for the same teams!

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