Sunday, 17 March 2013

Uglyworld #1869 - Ugly Intermaventions

Target: "Okays everyone, surrounders him"

*Flurry of footsteps*

Babo: "Whats the hell is goings on here?"

Wedgehead: "Shuts it Babo, your times for talkings is over!"

Babo: "Who do you thinks you is?"

Wage: "We is your friendlies, which is why we is doing this!"

Babo: "Doings what?"

Target: "Enough idlers chitter chatter, Babo, you have committereds the cardinallers ugly sin, an ugly sin which cannot be toleratereds no matters what, you has laid your handies on another ugly with the intentioners of causerings him pains and sufferings."

Babo: "But he stealereds my jacketer!"

Target: "Enoughs! You will only speaks when I allowers you to, nots before, understoods!"

Babo: *muffled* "Yes, sirs!"

Target: "For the pains and sufferings which you has causereds to ones of our verys own, you are to be helds in isolations for a periods of no less that 6 weekies, durings which timer you will have no cookies. Durings this period of 6 weekies your cookie allowancer will be diverted to the persons you attackereds. Do you understands?"

Babo: *muffled* "Yes, sirs!"

Target: "On Sundays the 28th of Aprils, which will be the finals day of your times in isolations, you will be placereds facer to facer with the persons you attackereds, and only once you can proves to him that you has learnereds from your massivers mistaker will you be allowereds to joins normal lifer insiders of the cookie cave agains! Untils then thinks long and hards about what you have become!"

Babo: *thinking* "Oh noes, no cookies and isolations"

Target: "Gets him out of my sights right now!"

*Babo is dragged off to isolation by Wedgehead and Jeero*

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