Saturday, 13 April 2013

Uglyworld #1897 - Newers Laptoper - (Project Cinko Time - Image 103-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 103/365

Quite some timers ago, when I firsts findereds out that I would be headerings to Scotlands with Baz and Mireille in Mays of this year I askereds if there was any chancers of me getterings my own laptoper to takes along with me.

At firsts Mireille was dead againsts letterings me has my own laptoper, but afters I explainereds that it would means that I didn't keep runnerings down the batteries in the biggerers laptoper she seemereds to undermastanders why I needereds my own one.

Wells, while I was aways with Baz in Englands this week, guess what arrivereds, yups, you guessereds correctlies, my newers laptoper, none others than a cookiebook 19R, it has USB 3.0, firerswires, a super mega brighters screen and ultra longers battery lifes!

I just needs to makes sure that I has installereds all of the programs and apps that I will needs for Scotlands in May!

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