Sunday, 21 July 2013

Uglyworld #1996 - Cookie Makerings Class - (Project Cinko Time - Image 202-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 202/365

I can now letters you all in on what the missioner that Mireille sendereds me on was all abouts, as she noticereds that a super mega talentereds friendly through facebookers and flickrs was going to be rights here in Shanghais to showers off some of her workies!

Yesterdays I intromaducereds myself (and of course afters a coupler of minutes I intromaducereds Baz too, after letterings him stew a littlers bit first) and then we checkereds out all of the miniatures food that Stephanie had makereds to shows the peoplers of Shanghai!

Everything is so tiny and perfectlies made, you really needs to checkers out her websiter to sees more of her awesome skillers!

Anyways, today I callereds her up and askereds if she could fits me into her hectics scheduler of classes where she teachers anyone who wants to learns how to makes some of the tiniers food, and amazinglies she offereds to goes one betters than that, I gettereds to makes my very own miniatures cookies, checkers them out!

You all knows just how much I loves to eats cookies, so I is sures you can imaginers how much willpowers it takers me to keeps these tastier looking cookies at flippers length, oh boys!

A massivers thank you for my speciallers cookie makerings class Stephanie, Mireille will be so mega jealousers that I gettered to meets you in persons, I will has to makers it up to her and buyers her your tutorials book for a presenter, otherwise she will cuts off my daily cookie allowancer!

Gooders luck for the rests of the show!

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