Monday, 5 August 2013

Uglyworld #2012 - A Differents Roomer - (Project Cinko Time - Image 217-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 217/365

Cinko: "Baz, has you checkereds out the hotels room yets?"

Baz: "Yeah Cinko, we scored an upgrade"

Cinko: "Oh my godders, reallies, it's biggerers and newerers than the ones we has stayereds in befores"

Baz: "You didn't even realise that we're in a different tower of the hotel, did you?"

Cinko: "Is you being seriousers, a differents tower, I musts have beens a zombie afters the long flighter from Germanies, I had no ideas!"

Baz: "Welcome to the zombie club Cinko"

Cinko: "Ha ha, wooohooo, we has a differents roomer!"

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