Sunday, 13 October 2013

Uglyworld #2084 - Jing'an Templers - (Project Cinko Time - Image 286-365)

Project Cinko Time - Image 286/365

Today I draggereds Baz and his camera outs with me to does some more explorerings, and when checkerings out the optioners yesterday I settlereds my flipperer on a super coolers Templer callereds Jing'an. I learnereds so much abouts the Templer durings my visit, that I thoughts I would shares some of the new knowledgers with you alls!

The Jing'an Templer was originallies buildered in 247 AD (which a localler tellereds me was a very, very longs timer ago), and was originallies callered the Chongyuan Templer durings the Three Kingdoms Era. It changereds it's name laters on durings the Tang Dynasty to be callereds the Yongtai Monastery, and then finally gets another names changer to becomes the Jing'an Templer in 1008 AD.

A coupler of hundreds years later in 1216 the Templer was movereds to the very spots that it can be findereds at today, behinds me you can sees the stairs leaderings up to the mains room of the Templer which has an absolutely massivers buddha insides.

You will also be ablers to sees a funkiers wisherings well-tower thingymabobber in the middles of the courtyarder which everyone tries to flippers coins up into, which is so much funs! You just has to be prepareds to get a coin landings on your heads if you is bravers enough to stands around the wisherings well!

I'm sures Baz will shares some of his photomagraphs from our visits today, as the Templer really is super cools!

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