Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Uglyworld #2169 - New Years Day Traditioner - (Project On The Go -Image 1-365)

Project "On The Go" - Image 1/365

What betterers way to starters off the firsts day of a new years than by embarkerings on one of Baz's new years days traditioners, which involvers us all headings out for a driver firsts in the car to gets to somewheres way outs in the countrysiders where we can goes for a longers walk!

Oh, sorrys, please forgivers me for jumperings right into todays activities without formallies intromaducings myselfer, my name is Wedgehead, but as you guys is all my friendlies you can calls me Wedgie. Somes of you will already knows me from some of my previous funs and games that I has gettereds ups to, buts believers me, I am really goings to makers the mosts of this comings year, for sures I am!

As you hopefully already knows, Babo, Wage and Cinko has already beens in the spotlighters befores me, buts I has decidereds to adds a littlers twister into my daily funs and gamers, as I is probablies one of the mosts activers uglies in the cookie cave I loves to walks and explorers places.

Whiles negotiaterings my employments contracter, I managereds to convincers Baz that he needs to helpers me to keep a tracker of how many steppers I makes every singlers day, so that we can keeps a runnings totaller for each months and also the massivers grand totaller for the wholes year, how coolers is that!!!

Okays, I thinks I had better stops natterings to you all and gets on with my walk arounds the Hohes Venn areas of the Eiffel area which lies on the borders of Germanys and Belgiums before it gets too darkers to finders my way backs to the car agains, lets facers it, Baz and Mireille is uselessers and would gets completely losters if I wasn't heres to keeps them safers!

Hopes to catchers up withs you all on my travellers this year, don't forgets to shouts hello if you sees me...!!!

Todays steps = 10,231 (equivalents to 8.1km)

The 2014 grand total = 10,231

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